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Moebius Is Chillin’ With Silver Surfer Now

Moebius has gone on to the next world without bringing us along, but you can enjoy his art until it’s your turn to join him. This is both the best and worst week for buying Moebius material. On one hand, everything will be available. On the other, it will be sold at a premium. Here’s a signed piece that sums up just how brilliant the man was. Not only could he imagine these crazy spaces, he could bring them to life. Peaceful sleep, brother.

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Posters get clowned on this site, by me especially. They are clear evidence that you’re under 24 and make less than $23k per year. OR AT LEAST THAT’S WHAT I USED TO THINK. Now I recognize that posters are cool, have always been cool, and will always be cool. Yeah, it might be hard to convince your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, concubine, maid, person you pick up at a bar, etc that a Hulk poster hanging in your living room is the behavior of an adult professional with upward mobility. But what if that poster is a Lee Weeks Hulk illustration that perfectly captures the childlike nature and constant frustration of the character? What then? Who can deny it?

And what if it’s classic? People collect vintage Coca-Cola signs and proudly put them in their homes; why not Fantastic Four posters?

Or what if it has a great message attached? What sort of anti-education troglodyte would poo-poo this pro-literacy poster featuring C3PO? A monster, that’s who.


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Is Marcos Martin the Best Artist In Comics?

Yes. He is. Buy these.

Poster for your wall. Fight nazism wherever it’s found. Who can argue with that? Hopefully not your wife or husband who insists you take down the comic book posters from your wall. Ask them whose side they’re on.

Very important you read this. Either for the Martin art or the Vaughn story or for your love of Doctor Strange. Whatever gets you there, just read it. It’s fantastic. All issues for cheap here. Buy.

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Just In Case You Forgot. PUNISHER RULES.

Time for your once a week, Mike Zeck-is-awesome-and-the-Punisher-is-one-of-the-most-fun-characters-ever-created post. But this one has a twist. It’s the first holy-crap-is-this-seller-crazy-or-does-the-market-really-demand-a-price-that-high-for-this-admittedly-awesome-poster post.

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DC Love.

As an unapologetic Marvel zombie, it’s hard to say this. But DC is responsible for some pretty cool comics. And here’s two posters that embody that DC cool. Superman done right is awesome – it’s sad that it’s become such a rare reading experience to enjoy a Superman book.

And despite the back and forth Watchmen love/hate surrounding the movie, this poster is almost completely undeniable.

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The Few. The Proud. The Punisher Poster.

There are few comic book characters whose poster you can get away with still having on your wall past the age of 15. I think The Punisher is one of those. Obviously it depends on the artwork as well, but these I think are the 4 best choices (and yes, we have had this first one up here before, I thought you could all use a reminder). After all, it’s 3 from Mike Zeck and one dominated by Jim Lee…

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Hawkman vs Hawkman.

Two posters.

Two Hawkmen.

In one corner, the legendary Joe Kubert version of Hawkman. Old school costume, giant chain mace, spiked knuckles… classic Hawk-style.

And in the other, the early 90s space Hawkman. Lots of armor. Big gold wings. Wolverine claws. Some big knife thing.

It’s not even close. This one’s old school all the way.

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Marvel Third Eye Posters

In the early 70’s, Marvel was hot.

Not hot like today, with all of the movies, the disney merger, and a pretty great decade of comics just past, Marvel is riding high. But in 1971 – Marvel had shown some stick for their series, their characters, and their brave new world that was really just under 10 years old.

So, while the iron was hot, why not hit the public with some killer blacklight posters! I say that jokingly, but these posters produced by a somewhat seminal company, The Third Eye Inc., who produced not just these but other black light posters of the time. I think they are pretty cool, but here’s two of my favorites. Some of these, in good condition, can sell for a pretty penny.

Pretty iconic, and honestly, much better than any of the movie related posters out there. No diss, but c’mon. They just can’t pull this image off for the masses.

Perfection. Simply stated “Dr. Strange meets Eternity.” Wow. If this were in better shape, I guarantee it would be a lot higher starting bid…

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Well, they umm… Guard the Galaxy.

Absolutely one of the best superhero team comics in history.

The Guardians of the Galaxy. Particularly, the Jim Valentino run.

Absolutely loved it. Because it existed in it’s own pocket / alternate universe, it was able to be the sole baby of a creator who had a singular version of it that saw the characters evolve, develop, and at times die. The stories fell apart here and there, and to be honest I never really liked the whole Starhawk / Aleta back and forth, I found a real depth to the characters. And despite some falling back on Marvel mythos to create some external interest, I feel the series had a real strength to it.

Usually I recoil when I hear about a retcon or reimagined version of books I loved – but the recent version of Guardians of the Galaxy has wormed it’s way into my “relevant interests” category. Rocket Raccoon. Gamora. Adam Warlock. Right there – nuff said. I will allow my galactic Marvel fanboy fly at some point in the near future, but in the meantime, bookend your room with these two posters, celebrating some of Marvel’s finest.

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Alan Davis.

Best known for his work with Alan Moore on Captain Britain and Marvelman/Miracleman, and for his runs on Batman and the Outsiders and Excalibur, Alan Davis is one of my GOAT comic book artists. Everything about his work is perfect. Clean, crisp lines, exciting yet easy to follow layouts… I literally have never seen a sloppy or confusing Alan Davis page. He has a style that combines the best aspects of both sliver and modern comic book art. Just the perfect superhero comic artist.

So, for those of you with the big bucks to spend, here’s something for you to pick up and display on your wall (in a nice frame, obviously) with pride:

And for the rest of us, well, we can just make do with posters.

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