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Muscle Beach Castoff Vs Boca Raton Gigolo

Can we agree this is the best the Hulk and the Thing have ever looked? Marvel really missed a branding opportunity with these two. Think about how much more iconic these characters would have been if this is the look other artists had embraced for them.

The Thing’s shirt is so fly. I’d be pissed if the Hulk tore it too. Buy this 1980 poster today. You need this in your home.

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Posters Of the Damned

Tomorrow, I promise I’ll post some items you may actually want. But today I’d like to take a minute and celebrate the auction items that are just shy of being given away for free. I don’t want to call them the dredges of the promotional poster world, but they’re undersized, under-realized, and often hawking characters or series no one cares about. They’re hard sells. But being set at rock-bottom prices turns a hard sell into a “why not” and that’s where these auctions find themselves. Check’m out and get impulsive.

I would buy a Frank Quitely illustration of a photo of my girl with another man. That’s how much I love his work. But what the hell am I looking at? The female, bug, Angel? Was any effort made to make her a real character? Why does a poster of her even exist?

George Perez at not his finest moment. Is it bad? No. But is it as good as Perez gets? Hell no. Also, I lose track of which Robin people care about and which they think is stupid. This one has my vote for stupid.

This one is a little different because this person isn’t selling a single poster, but a service. They are available for poster commissions of the sort you’re currently looking at. How can you say no? Anything you want drawn, in any medium! And at that price- so worth it!

And my favorite, a promotional poster for a series so forgettable and ill-conceived that I needed a reminder not only that it exists but that series of this type still exist. Thanks, poster.

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The Flash. Why Not?

There is no Marvel character that captures the vibe of one of DC’s finest, The Flash. Spider-Man comes close, but not quite there. Wally West (my personal favorite Flash) somehow became the heart of gold, even when standing next to other icons like Superman – he was the standout ‘right is right’ of the team. He also was quirky as hell and had so many good villains it just made him all the better. So for your viewing pleasure…

And just in case you needed a misshapen homage of the USA behind the Flash, here’s a classy poster. DC geography is very confusing, so maybe this map makes sense.

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I’ve got a question…

Who is this ATOM MAN? I’m not gonna lie, he seems pretty… canny?

Love the poster though. Something perfect about some of the pre-1950s Superman movie posters. That “larger than life” feel is tangible in the image. Gotta love it.

Answer: Atom Man is Lex Luthor in disguise. Better question – anyone seen this?

Seduction of the Willing

A good chunk of the people I follow on Twitter are comic book professionals. It’s interesting to see what they opt to reveal and what they choose to keep close to the chest. It’s especially gratifying to see them bicker. They spend a lot of time they could be writing, penciling, inking, or coloring, talking about who is to blame for the shrinking comic book market. They like to blame pirates, but they most like to blame each other. A finger is constantly being pointed at the Big Two for not offering enough all-ages reading options. Some of these people actually believe that kids want to read books aimed at kids.

Here’s my argument against that nonsense. The Punisher was the most badass character I could find on the racks at Fay’s Drugstore when I was prepubescent. So I loved him. By the time his self-titled book debuted he was the vanguard of scandalous shit at Marvel. Not only did he shoot people in the head with BULLETS, he also got laid once every 30 issues. He was a violent, malicious, asshole way before Garth Ennis made him a violent, malicious boardwalk caricature.

Kids don’t want to read things aimed at kids. They want to be adults. Make children’s comics and do an alright business with libraries, but you won’t see kids picking those books up at the comic shop. Kids want blood, sex, and swears.

Here’s one of the three (?) Mike Zeck posters from the Punisher’s halcyon days. This is one that does not feature blood, but if I was 9 years-old I think blood would be a major improvement. Pick this up and frame it.

Spoiler Alert: Want to know why the comics market is decreasing? Because all forms of entertainment are crushed by new forms of entertainment. Comics are now for people who love comics, not for someone who requires yet another entertainment option. Is that really a turn for the worse? I couldn’t say, but unless one of these creators has the power to stop cable television and video games from being produced, I think they should realign their thinking.

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Love That Joker…

This hung in various spots in my bedroom for most of my youth. At one point, it even was on the ceiling above my bed. I know that sounds weird, but I had A LOT of stuff hanging on my walls.

I wish I knew what happened to it, I really don’t think I would have thrown it out. But I guess I did… sadly. And much as I loved it, there’s no way I’m paying 49.99 plus shipping to replace it.

But one signed by the man himself on the other hand…

The “make an offer” feature is in play, so even though it’s ten times as expensive, I could always try to haggle…

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Sometimes it’s hard to be an adult into comic books.

I’m not really an adult. Like many of you. I mean, I am, but we are really starting to gray the black/white starkness of child/adult. I play video games. I drink an excessive amount of sugary substances. I read comic books. I still listen to “yelling” music on occasion.

So what can I do in my relatively adult house to express my love of comic books?

Alex Ross to the rescue. Classy, iconic posters that are without question frame worthy. Perfect for an office or project room. But do your significant other a favor – not in the living room. And for your own sanctity, not in the bedroom. It’s just a bad look.

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That’s an ugly grimace…

Classic rivals.

It only makes it better that one of them almost never really wins.

The HULK is just too much for the THING. Always. Always. Always. It’s like one of those rules you find out about a week after you buy your first comic.

But the beautiful part is that ol’ Ben Grimm never gives up. He always believes that he will get him. Rather – he knows he’ll lose. But someone has to stiffen up and go push the bully.

Now go buy this poster and explain it to your ten year old son between his texts.

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New and Old New Mutants Posters

Leave it to my luck for me to start dwelling on the Days of Future Present crossover and fate puts something in my way for potential purchase.

Damn you. I was just getting ahead on bills. Must. Not. Click. Buy…

Okay. Think I made it. It doesn’t hurt that this is a pretty unappealing poster. I don’t even think an intern designed it, they just went to the local Duane Reade and said to the stock boy, “HEY. Here’s a dollar. Design something that looks uninteresting!”

I’ll say this – the covers actually look WAY cooler on the poster than they ended up. When they went to print they added a border design and the images really got chopped. Pretty cool to see them in this form. Maybe this would look cool fram- STOP.

Oh and while we’re at, how about a couple of other New Mutants related gems?

Pretty nifty new poster for the recent New Mutants series. I dig it, and they all look spot on, but it lacks a quality that this next poster has in spades…

TIMELESS. This 24×36 Alex Ross poster tugs at my Bill Sienkiewicz fan heart-strings and hits all the right beats for anyone who appreciates the New Mutants mach 1.0 (or 2.0 but who’s counting.)

But for those who prefer a lil’ more Liefeld with their New Mutants… well here you go. Widows Peaks’ and all.

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More Submariner!!!

Please excuse our Namor preoccupation here at ComicNoize.

He’s just that cool. Let’s talk about this, a vintage 1960’s Marvel poster featuring the man himself, Namor.

1. Can you picture someone tripping out in their garage, staring at this poster? It’s a little bit weird to think about this guy charging at you in the midst of an altered state of mind.

2. Imagine showing up at the house of your former high school crush, who’s now happily married with children, and just taking her out for a date. Now imagine that’s not a house, it’s a SKYSCRAPER. And you’ve done it so many times that you brawl the husband on the regular. And the wife still will go out for the night with you. She can’t deny the feelings. And you just revel in this. THAT’S HOW NAMOR ROLLS.

3. What’s with the cape in this poster??

4. He’s the King of Atlantis. And on top of that, he doesn’t have blue fins or prominent gills. He can throw on a suit and boom~ just a sharp looking dude with slight Euro trash leanings.

5. The first mutant. Currently he’s throwing the moves on Emma Frost, aka the blonde significant other of the leader of the X-Men. No bigs.

6. No, really. What’s with the cape?

7. He’s gone toe to toe with every hero in the known world – and still they come back to him in their time of need. And who is also one of his main “go-to” pals? Just Dr. Doom.

Namor rules, ok?

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