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Plate Tectonics

What we’re looking at here is a commemorative Green Lantern/Green Arrow plate. This collectable celebrates the groundbreaking 70s series featuring these two characters fighting social ills. It’s exactly what it looks like. A plate. The art is by Alex Ross (as is the case with seemingly all “collectables”) and the trim is “gold”. Not microwave-safe and possibly unsafe to eat off of at all; it belongs in the display case with your other commemorative plates.

But there is more than just a plate here. There’s a lesson. The lesson is how not to list an ebay auction. The first of the two images below is swiped from a collectable site I found on the internet. The second is the image that ran with the auction. Notice the difference? One might help you sell something, the other could only be used as an eye-chart. Please, Ebay sellers, use images that don’t require magnifying glasses.

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