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Top 100 Summer Comics #30

One of my personal favorite artists drawing a character who despite all sorts of reasons to the contrary that I do enjoy. Rachel Summers kind of sucks, I can be honest. But I was hooked at a young age, so all the backwards time-travel drivel was A-OKAY by me. As for the actual art inside and the story that goes with this one? No memory.

Yet all I really remember was this striking cover. So, let’s just look at this. Bill Sienkiewicz, I salute you. I still remember seeing this book on the shelf, and when I saw this one today, I had to throw it up.

#30 – Marvel Comics Present 36
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Top 100 Summer Comics #36

Sunday, let’s completely geek out for a second. Deep breath everyone, I’ll dive in.

#36 – Excalibur 75

SO… Captain Britain had been sucked into the timestream. I want to tell you about it, but if I do you’ll never make it out of this paragraph. Anyways, Excalibur decides to get him back, and lo and behold, Rachel aka Phoenix aka now known as Marvel Girl (III) sacrifices herself. Why not? She came from one alternate timeline (documented well in Days of Future Past and Days of Future Present) and would be split into two timelines here, one being the version who would inevitably make it back to Marvel 616 (main universe) and the other becoming the Mother Askani, where her half-alternate-universe-brother Cable would be sent after being sent to the future, even though that happened a good 4 years (real time) before Rachel was sucked into the timestream. Eventually, Rachel would be both 1) killed by a young Stryfe in 3000 years in the future and 2) sent into outerspace and is now essentially a X-Space Cadet because… well she’s kind of been boring for a decade.

Enjoy your Sunday!!!

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Top 100 Summer Comics… #92

Not surprising to see Grant Morrison make the list here.

It didn’t take much to get me back into comic books in 1994/95. I was 13, lonely, and no girls wanted to talk to me. But in 2001, it was considerably harder. I had a lot of cool stuff going on, discovered music, vinyl records, and sports even heavier than before and on top of all that, had a lady in my life.

So my hat goes off to Grant Morrison. It was an issue of New X-Men (not this one) that got me back on the bus. My wallet hates you, but my brain loves you.

#92 – New X-Men #150

Though there were 4 excellent Marc Silvestri illustrated issues left of the Morrison run on New X-Men, this is the finale in my head. Jean Grey is killed by Magneto. Magneto is beheaded by Wolverine. All of this and much more. A classic issue – how long did it take for them to retcon much of it? About 5 issues. All of a sudden it wasn’t Magneto but “Xorn” disguised as Magneto disguised as Xorn? Huh? Bad form. However, this issue is a modern milestone. I remember being floored reading it, and that’s rare. Easily one of the best single issues of comic books this decade.

Arthur Adams, Chapter 3: For the refined reader.

My final post on the great Arthur Adams for today. (hey, I love trilogies.)

When I think of Arthur Adams work in the 80’s, three specific books come to mind. There’s a few others, but these stand out as being the best to me. I love his X-Men work, and the Asgardian / New Mutants / X-Men crossover still resonates… just not quite as much as these three issues.

X-Babies. No, really… this is THEIR story. Mojo Mayhem is a caper to end all capers, and is without question one of the most concise and FUN stories Chris Claremont ever put together. The star of the book outside of the X-Babies? Well, maybe it’s Excalibur, seeing as how this is under their heading? No. It’s Ricochet Rita. Who? Yes. Essentially, the X-Bebs sitter, she is dragged through a quick, fun, and smart adventure that reads both like a out and out adventure as well as a bit of a tongue-in-cheek, we-can-laugh-at-ourselves tale. Give it a shot – I bet you’ll enjoy it.

The story was perfect at the time. Absolutely out of nowhere, the FF go missing and the most unlikely of heroes team up to save them – The Hulk, Wolverine, Spider-Man, and Ghost Rider. Looking back, this could be looked at as playing with the same instruction guide that Brian Michael Bendis used to reform the Avengers… aka bring in the heavy hitters! What strikes me most about this issue is how perfect Adams’ Mole Man is. I’m shocked these issues of Fantastic Four haven’t been collected yet.

Days of Future Present. I can rave for days about this, and that if it weren’t for the mixed bag of artists across the storyline that this would be held in a much higher esteem. Starring the deranged, nearly omnipotent Franklin Richards and Rachel Summers, this crossover was equal parts alternaverse adventure and tragic love story. It’s a total shame that Arthur Adams didn’t do all of the art for this crossover, some of the pages he did in this issue are perfect. The splash page that opens the Uncanny X-Men Annual 14 pictured above is still one of my favorite images.

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Guardians of the Galaxy – Oddities… in space.

The earliest part of the 90’s was a peak of my interest in comic books. 

In 1990-1992, I bought every Marvel book that came out. And at the time, for the most part, I enjoyed all of them. During this period there was some expansion, as Marvel stretched out and launched four books at once. Quasar, Namor, Guardians of the Galaxy and New Warriors. Two solo books and two team books. I was beyond excited. I had previously been teased by a luke warm Moon Knight series (a personal favorite for no real reason) but was excited, particularly for this futuristic, space odyssey. 

Maybe it was my father’s love for Star Trek and hard sci paperbacks, or my love for Star Wars, but the galactic realm was always one I dug when it was done right. And while I wouldn’t say there was a faithful sci-fi approach to the Guardians of the Galaxy series of the early 90’s, it was a fun romp. 

As an excited 11 year old, I also was very wrapped up in the world of Marvel’s Merry Mutants. Anything with an “X” on it meant gold to me. Marvel must’ve thought you spelled money like “XXXXX” at that point. With some perspective, Guardians were most likely suffering a bit of a slump or at the least a quick jump-in point for anyone who was familiar with Wolverine but not necessarily Martinex. 

Enter… Rancor. You know, Wolverine’s descendent on a planet of Mutants. Cover by Rob Liefeld to boot!!

A three issue series that actually was at least somewhat successful. The story bled into the next, and was revisited about 10-15 issues later. Another image defector, like Liefeld, Jim Valentino was actually a pretty big gear on the GOTG boat in this era. The back story was fast and loose, but for cheap fun, these three issues were unstoppable. A fun, futuristic, Earth-691 take on what would become of the Marvel Mutantverse. 

Oh! And who woulda thunk it, a future Phoenix! Honestly, a great read and you can get all three issues here on the cheap. Definitely pick these up for a fun alternaverse look. Definitely better than X-Men 2099.

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