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Phalanx Covenant

As far as the X-Men go, I loved the 80’s. Basically the entire decade was perfect. I loved X-Factor, I loved the New Mutants, and give me Gateway and the Aussie X-Men any day.

But for many people, they think early 90’s X-Men. Jim Lee, not Marc Silvestri. Cable, not Longshot. I liked that era (some of it a lot) but it was slipping. And then it happened. I was out. X-Cutioner’s Song was one I couldn’t sing. I like it, but even now thinking about it I feel icky. It’s not what it should have, could have been. It’s weak is what I’m trying to say. The art, the story, all of it feels like too many chefs, not enough waiters. Like I said, I dipped. This was the story that pushed me out of comics.

And it was a while. Looking back I dig on the Jae Lee art but that’s almost it. Nothing else jelled. I bought every issue (all twelve) and at the end felt empty. “Like butter scraped over too much bread”…

A year and a half passed (an eternity for a 12-13 year old) and I had started to dabble. I was revisiting some of my old comics, and had even bought a couple of new comics. And then I saw this cover on the stand.

Who’s that?
Why is Wolverine all technarked?
Is that Sabretooth?

And I bought it. And I was hooked. By a book that focused on Emma Frost, Banshee, and some weird new mutants. Joe Madureira did the art. Weird, strange, but refreshing. “Alright, I’m curious.” – I bought the rest of the crossover as it came out, and bam, just like that, just like George Costanza, “I’m Back, Baby.”

It seemed during my absence the x-books had all diverted and found their groove after the abyss that was the x-cutioner’s song. The Phalanx Covenant had laid the ground work for me to jump back into all of these books and I was interested in them all. I can say that this still holds up, and the above links are to a complete set of the original issues of this crossover, featuring pretty dope holo-foil covers. All for under $10 bucks, even better. Cheaper than original cover price.

If the trade scene is your preferred route, scoop up this, “the origin of generation x” trade, that contains the series in it’s entirety, as well as Generation X #1. And for even cheaper than the collection of singles above… just no holo-foil covers. Get at this.

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