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Don’t Forget the Struggle

Another post leading to the upcoming Worldwide Dungeons & Dragons Game Day. I’ll be back to posting comics next week, I promise.

History is pretty awesome. It’s just stories building on other stories leading to more stories and from those we pull the ones we find interesting or suit our agendas and we call them “historical fact.” And since most of us are paying for fictional stories, it’s pretty convenient that some of the best stories ever are ones that actually happened.

The history of role-playing is full of unflappable individualists who bravely carried their weirdo banners from obscurity into the public eye. And, often, back to obscurity. TSR was the world to sinky-armpit nerds everywhere in the 80’s but few know the company’s history prior to the launch of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. Check these auction gems from the trenches of tabletop gaming. Chainmail is a direct part of D&D’s lineage. Can’t beat that. Reasonably priced too. Know your history.

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