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Original Rob Liefeld Artwork Youngblood, Spawn, Deadpool, Cyberforce

mtwice aka Rob Liefeld is selling some awesome original art pieces. These boards would look great framed in an office or living room. Act fast because there is not much time left on these, the vultures are circling.

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Brian Bolland Blowout Bonanza!

Two things I really like, finally together and for sale. Brian Bollard and production art. I love the former because he added a genuine love of anatomy to comic art and I love the latter because it’s cheap. Production art is a great alternative to original pages for those of us on a budget.

To illustrate my point, here’s an original page from our man Brian. Note the difference in price between it and the production art auction.

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Wonder Wall

Here’s one for your wall. Don’t be a herb and squirrel this one away with your other original art. This is meant for hanging. Dining-room material. You don’t need to be a Ryan Sook fan or a Wonder Woman fan to appreciate what this would add to your office wall. It’s clean and direct, two sensibilities any room can benefit from. Buy this one and hang it, don’t hide it.

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Hot Lead In Your Gut If You Don’t Buy This

Normally, I’m not so aggressive in trying to get you to check out auctions. You know, look at it, don’t look at it, whatever. Doesn’t impact me either way. But this is for real. This is a Tony DeZuniga original watercolor illustration of the character he co-created, Jonah Hex. Now, Jonah Hex the title has been really wack over the years and other times the best book on the shelves. But as a character, he’s the tops. Easily the best character in the DC universe. And as far as this auction goes, it’s as cheap as you’ll ever find something like this. Buy it this moment or feel foolish.

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EVS Rules.

Ethan Van Sciver is one of my current fave comic book artists right now. His Green Lantern stuff? Just awesome. But he also has a knack for the Bat, as these two pieces of original artwork will attest. You probably only have a shot at affording one of them though…

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More Thor!

Since we’re still mostly on the subject of Thor, figured it couldn’t hurt to post a couple items having to do with what most people consider to be one of the characters best eras: the Simonson years, which were recently collected in an awesome Omnibus edition…

Yes, the years of Thor the Frog and Beta Ray Bill are some of Thor’s best. It sounds strange I know, but it’s true. Great art, epic stories, and the introduction of the DOOM sound effect. What’s not to love?

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The Abominable Fred Hembeck

Fred Hembeck is sort of like late-night television hosts or Sunday morning comic strips. Not funny, despite their stated purpose, but still having a hard-to-pinpoint value. I think it’s the fact that in all three cases they are institutions. We just assume they’ll be there. Hembeck has been putting out novelty Marvel books for as long I can remember. Dude is part of my life, regardless of the fact he’s never gotten more than a soft chuckle out of me. Shared history, folks. It’s what binds people and I’m bound to Fred Hembeck.

You can be bound to Fred Hembeck too. Check out this sketch card auction of Fred’s Abomination. For a low price, you can have this strangely compelling conversation piece taking up space in your home.

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Buy This Don’t Buy This

Tom Scioli is one of the most original artists in comics, despite a career based on ripping off one artist exclusively. How does that work, exactly? Well, many of us grew up watching creators ape their contemporaries. At any given time there was Jim Lee and then eight or so guys who could have been called Jim Le, Jim Lei, Jimmy Lee, James Leee, or some variation thereof (get into the post-Bruce Lee boom of martial arts films for reference). It’s like bands that list their peers as influences. It sucks. It makes you wonder why anyone does anything at all if it’s only to fit in with the guy beside him.

Scioli rips off Kirby. Someone who has been dead for 17 years. Beats the hell out of ripping off one of his peers. Actually, I don’t know if we can even call what Tom does “ripping off” at all because it’s a clear homage without any sad efforts to bask in reflected glory. It’s clearly done with love and not cynicism. And it’s awesome.

So why does the title of this post urge you to not buy this fantastic piece of original art by an amazing artist? Because the seller doesn’t have the respect for his clientele to include a decent-sized image of the thing he’s selling. I want this art but don’t feel like rewarding this bad seller behavior. NOTE TO PEOPLE WHO WANT MONEY: SHOW US WHAT YOU ARE SELLING. IT HELPS A BUYER TO KNOW WHAT HE’S PAYING FOR. YOU LOOK FRAUDULENT WHEN YOU KEEP THINGS MICROSCOPIC. WHAT ARE YOU HIDING?

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Tracing Your Steps

Let me start this post by stating I have no issue with heavy use of references, obviously lightboxing, or straight-up tracing. Ultimately, I don’t care what route you take to get there as long as the destination is “visually appealing with solid storytelling”. That’s it. Provided the final product looks good and reads well, you can cut-and-paste panels from classic comics into a new narrative. If hip-hop can do it, so can you.

The problem with these tactics is that they often do not result in a cohesive panel-to-panel flow. That’s one of the big beefs people have with Greg Land. His most strident shittalkers will attack his obvious lightbox use and perhaps less-than-creative references. But to hell with that. I don’t hate the dude for taking the short way through the woods, I don’t care for him because he’s often stiffer than Rocket Raccoon’s pecker. The panels don’t flow because the poses are borrowed from references that DON’T include Wolverine slashing a sentinel.

So why am I posting up this auction? Because every time you talk Land, his detractors go out and find his references and/or tracing material. Which is sort of a fun game, really. So here you go, the Black Cat, or maybe Marisa Miller, or Coco, or Jenna Jameson. Go, find that reference!

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Two pieces of currently low priced original art for you on this Thursday afternoon. A nice prelim for Carlos Pacheco’s cover to Ultimate Avengers #2, and an original page from What If: The Punisher Killed Daredevil, a comic that I actually owned when I was in junior high, and didn’t fully appreciate until I re-read it earlier this month while in the midst of my noir kick.

That last panel of the Punisher pouncing on those guards makes the whole page. I used to redraw panels from comics whenever we got a free assignment for art homework, putting them together as a sort of collage, and that panel made it in more than a few times, though it never looked as good.

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