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Top 100 Summer Comics #6

I need you to just look at the cover of this before we dig in. Find the redemption in this ragtag team of Avengers. It is not easy, so you might want to sit down and refocus your eyes.

#6 – Avengers 365

Can you name all the Avengers here? 200 Marvel Dork points if you can. I did, but it wasn’t easy. And I remember this era vividly.

Clockwise – Crystal, Black Knight, Hercules, Death Cry, Vision.

1. Hercules at this era sucked so bad. Not funny, not fun, no beard, looks like the worst WWF jobber from 1995.

2. Crystal / Black Knight should never be the coolest member of your Avengers squad.

3. Death Cry? Who? Really? Thanks, ’90s.

4. The Vision is NEVER the coolest member of the Avengers, but he should not be the most recognizable hero on your comic book cover.

This is where I would love for there to be numbers made available – how many copies did this issue sell? 45? 100? It was a dark time for the Marvel offices, and the Avengers seemed like a comic in full on “If SPAWN fans don’t start buying this book, we’re being cancelled next month” mode every month. Bad sign – an editor is writing your book. If anyone else was there for this era of the Avengers, you should get your own special full page “I AM AN AVENGER” profile with a letter of salutations from Stan Lee himself.

The good? A young Steve Epting pencils this issue, and many others of this era. He was far from where he is today, but it’s still a decent style. I’d love to hear a personal critique of his style and where / how he’s grown. Why hasn’t Marvel done this with certain creators? I can see the issues with having current greats “re-doing” issues by other creators, but I bet artists would be intrigued by the idea of a do-over on some of their early work.

Anyways… I’m sure Marvel editorial wishes they had a little bit of a do-over on this entire era of the book.

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