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Top 100 Summer Comics… #88

Thor should be the next big thing.

Weird to say, but all the elements are there. Big movie coming out next year, so you know how all the kids (both teen-bop and romper room crowds alike) have been running in Iron Man shirts? Well look forward to the original goldie-locks of norse mythology to get the same treatment.

And how cool would it be if they gave us a real Ragnarok of a movie with a Lord of the Rings meets Marvel-verse treatment of Thor? It would be HUGE.

#88 – Thor #401

A quick, easy and classic one off of Loki’s chicanery. A wager is made and that always makes for a good read when it comes to the Gods. If there’s one thing immortals with binge drinking tendencies love, it’s a wager. Issue still resonates 1) because it’s issue #401 and it came out in the 80’s, so chew on that… and 2) because it was a damn fun read after a lonnnggg (and well done but complex) storyline had come to completion at issue 400. So hats off to this issue – another in the line of “a great issue to read to give to someone who doesn’t ‘GET’ (fill in your favorite superhero here).”

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