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Brotherhood of N00dz

So aside from this being a clever and beautiful collectable, it’s relevant that I post this auction today. In a couple hours I hop on a plane to San Francisco with the intent of pitching my wares at WonderCon. The product I’m bringing with me is attractive and engaging. If I were a publisher, I’d jump right at it. The only problem? It’s got a boob or two in it. Might not seem like a problem because it’s aimed at adults and the nudity isn’t of the nature where a kid absolutely can not see it. It’s almost like National Geographic breasts. But considering the comics market has contracted to such a degree that you’ve got fewer than a dozen publishers and less than four of those make it financially viable for a creator… little hurdles like boobs matter more than ever. But like Reed Walker and Kate Worley, creators of Omaha the Cat Dancer, I’M AN ARTIST, MAN! Like those two, I’ve gotta put boobs where boobs go!

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