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Shocking Humor Unbound!!!

We’ll call this the first entry in what will be many on the topic of underrated comic books. Ralph Snart is a masterpiece of American con jobs. It’s creator, Marc Hansen, managed to wedge this subversive piece of purely American, drunk, antiauthoritarian literature on the drugstore racks directly between Marvel Comics Presents and Spectacular Spider-Man. Kudos to NOW Comics for understanding there is a market for books about alcoholic mental patients and the details of their psychotic fantasies.

I chose to feature this auction because it has some bells and whistles (buttons AND cards!), but be mindful that “one-of-a-kind collection” apparently means that the first four issues are missing. One-of-a-kind, right there. Regardless, search out this book. It’s a brilliant and mostly forgotten piece of the late 80’s.

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Who Ya Gonna Call…

…when you have a quartet of 1920s gangster ghosts terrorizing New York City?

Well duh.

This is the only issue of Now’s Real Ghostbuster run that I ever had as a kid, but I read the everlovin’ crap out of it. There was just something about the ‘busters chasing ghost gangsters that looked like they had been designed by Sean Taggart and cheap shots at Geraldo Rivera and his epic fail with Al Capone’s vault that made me want to read it again and again.

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Like a Horse and Carriage…

This one is for the real collectors. The ones who hunt down even the most obscure works from their favorite artists. Always on the lookout for even the inane, worthless, least-credible, dull,¬†superfluous, bullshit works from their favorite artists. Here is some of Tom Richmond’s earliest stuff. He went on to “fame” in Cracked and MAD, but his roots are with NOW Comics’ MARRIED… WITH CHILDREN license. Here are some particularly unnecessary pages of original art from the three-issue series MARRIED… WITH CHILDREN 2099. No, I’m not making that title up. 2099. Highly collectible? I guess. Bid hard, kids! Bid hard!

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