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Vintage Super Hero Mavel Foil Punk Biker Men T-shirt L

Ok. Let’s break that auction title down.

Is this shirt vintage? Well, the description says “brand new”, so it’s one of those made to look vintage “vintage” shirts. So that’s a no.

Does it have Superheroes on it? Particularly “Mavel” Superheroes? Errr… well it has two dudes in sort of kind of but not really Flash and Captain America costumes on it, but it’s definitely not the real deal. Maybe that’s why it’s “Mavel” and not “Marvel”. Close enough for government work I guess, so yes, it has superheroes on it.

Is it foil? Yup, that’s def some shiny foil lettering. Is it punk? Not a chance. Is it something a biker would wear? Well, the lightning bolts on the back sort of form SS bolts, but I don’t think you would catch any 1%er worth his weight in Harley Davidsons wearing a shirt like this, ever.

I have no reason to disbelieve that it’s a size Large, but still… no buys.

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