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Top 100 Summer Comics #45

This isn’t a great comic book. It’s actually pretty bad. But the reason it’s relevant and something to read at some point is the fact it created such a commotion at the time. The listing for the item actually speaks volumes to that as well…

#45 – Alpha Flight 106

“Alpha Flight #106 NORTHSTAR COMES OUT OF CLOSET gay 1st”

Even at the time, I didn’t think it was weird. Or care. Or understand why that would cause such a stigma? Please note, I was not some city bound, quick to the hip 12 year old. I had grown up like many, maybe even further into the depths of the suburban white middle class. So, this is to having great parents who never taught me that sexual preference mattered one way or the other.

Good riddance to Prop 8, y’know what I’m sayin’?
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We’re Here, We’re Queer… We Demand Better Pencilers!

After the Gay Crusader post, I got the itch to take a closer look at the depiction of homosexuals in comics. Not the Class Comics niche market stuff, but the big publishers.

Marvel got progressive in the 90’s when Alpha Flight mainstay, Northstar, came out. It was cool and overdue, but I’m gonna put it out there that Marvel still managed to insult the gay community with Alpha Flight #106. How? You could make the argument that the contrived AIDS-related story maintained certain stereotypes about homosexuals. But I’m not even tripping on that.

What I see as the real insult here, the true kick in the balls, is the Mark Pacella art in this book. Holy God. This guy suuucks. Remember Stephan Plat and his Todd McFarlane “inspired” style? Well, Mark Pacella takes that winning formula of coattail riding and shoulder standing and elevates it to straight-up dick-riding. Living in the shadow of a great artist is unavoidable. We all have our influences and few of us are outshining those influences. It is what it is. But to literally steal a dude’s shoes out of his mudroom and attempt to fill them is awkward to watch. AND IT’S ESPECIALLY UNCOMFORTABLE WHEN THE ARTIST YOU WERE CLONED FROM SUCKS AS BAD AS ROB LIEFELD. This is awful. This book demands a do-over.

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