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Everybody Stop Looking; I Found It

Need the 90s summed up in a single comic book? I got you covered. And, no, it doesn’t feature an X-team or Rob Liefeld or a holographic embossed cover with tassels. It’s a throwaway issue on a throwaway title and likely doesn’t stand out at all for the probably 50,000 people who read it. So why is it emblematic of a time most of us associate with mutants and shiny covers?

Look at the concerns. This is a “social issue” issue. Just as creators had used comics to explore drug addiction or spousal abuse decades earlier, this comic hopes to make us all aware that AIDS is a real thing. And people will stick you with a needle full of it. A truly 90s concern. Sure, AIDS had been on the scene since the 80s. But it was only during the 90s that people started to calm from their initial “I’m totally ignorant” panic and fall into a low-level “I’m somewhat misinformed” hysteria. Also, look at dude’s jawline. Have you ever seen a cornier “hero” in your life? Looking like Lorenzo Lamas in Renegade, but even more broke-ass. Highly 90s.

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