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When Your Love Of Comics Supersedes Your Love Of Self

I’ll be posting up good deals on comic book watches this week, but lets start with a decent deal on a bad watch. This is the sort of item that waves a flag so large people can’t mistake you for anything other than a lifer in the nerd community. I’m not judging that decision, but you’ve got to know there’s repercussions when you go into it.

Put this on your beltloop and enter a world where the only women you have contact with are in cosplay. Which is cool, I guess.

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Finally, a Collectable That a Cop Will Shoot You For Holding

So, you hate your nephew and want him to be shot by police? Get him this. It’s a comic book collectable you can play with, but also a real liability to carry out of your house. Does it look like a real gun? Hard to say, but if someone pointed it at me in a dark alley, I’d probably wet myself just as quickly as if it was a working pistol. Nick Fury’s needle gun. Perfect gift. Oh, comes with a badge too. Just in case you want your nephew to get arrested for impersonating a police officer.

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Larry Has Me In His Web

It’s no secret that I think Larry Stroman is one of the unsung comic greats. I’d put him next to any forefather and firmly believe he’d crush any contemporary. I regularly scan Ebay for evidence that this (mostly) forgotten genius is still celebrated, if only by the educated few. So how did I miss this? Only 5hrs left on this beautiful Black Widow page. I believe it’s from “Spinning Doomsday’s Web” which was a Punisher/Black Widow team-up, but I could be wrong. Regardless, this is a beautiful page of original art by Larry. Pick this bad boy up NOW.

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Random Comic Book Friday.

Two good auctions this week, as we get the Death’s Head II 4 issue mini-series, and an auction for 2 issues of some pre-Agent of SHIELD style Nicky Fury goodness. Oddly enough, I just re-read the What If… issue based off the Death’s Head II mini (What If… Death’s Head I Had Lived?) just a couple hours ago.

Great cover. Makes me think of the movie Stalag 17.

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Art Proofs…

For some reason there’s a TON of artist proofs up on ebay right now. Maybe I haven’t been paying close enough attention, but this has hit my radar hard so I’ll have some observations on more than a couple.

This one, for example, I would like to own. However, the price tag is a little much for me. Is that common? I mean, it’s a copy. A really cool copy, but… still.

My other problem is this – Rogue has the worst case of dead eyes I’ve ever seen in a Jim Lee piece. Otherwise this is one of my favorite Lee X-Men covers. And… Nick Fury!

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