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Rob Liefeld’s New Mutants plus Levis 501 Denim

Back in the early 90’s I remember seeing a commercial for Levi’s Jeans that featured a young up and coming artist named Rob Liefeld. The commercial was directed by none other than Spike Lee, who at the time was directing a lot of Nike’s commercials. In the background you can see images of The New Mutant comics that Rob had begun illustrating for Marvel. The title was in a major slump until Rob came along and pulled it out. Later on Rob would leave and start Image comics along with some other great artists. Rob has been no stranger to controversy his career like many other artist has been plagued with many ups and downs. But I would rather focus on some of the milestones instead. These are few of my favorite New Mutant’s issues.


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Top 100 Summer Comics #13

Bad luck is for suckers, so here’s #13.

Alan Davis bangs out one of the best annuals. Maybe the coolest X-book that doesn’t really feature any true X-Men.

New Mutants? Check. Pre-Ninja Psylocke? Check. O.G. Excalibur? Check.

Doug Ramsey saving the day? DOUBLE CHECK!

Here’s the thing – I never liked Doug Ramsey. He sucked. He was the most transparent attempt at an everyman / everychild for the meek and meager to relate to. As if Cannonball wasn’t lame enough?

When he was killed (or put down like a poor old dog in my opinion) the New Mutants were able to grow. The team could face dangers and conflict with a different tone – simply put, Doug’s greatest contribution was dying. However, this is the best Doug story, and Alan Davis knocks it out of the park. I think this was the era when Arthur Adams was the king of the x-annual, and I think Alan Davis rose to the challenge. Home run issue for anyone who likes any of the following.

1. Alan Davis art (seriously, some of his best stuff)

2. New Mutants

3. Excalibur

4. Word Balloons galore aka Claremontian storytelling

5. Doug Ramsey aka Cypher aka the lamest duck.
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Top 100 Summer Comics #42

For some reason, a sure fire way for me to do a double take at the comic rack was to have the name of the comic scribbled out / tagged over / crossed out and replaced.

No clue why. But my instant reaction is something like – “Wait – wha, wha.. huh?”- and I pick it up. Maybe I buy it. But I at the least am sucked in.

This is the first issue I remember like that. I was sucked in.

#42 – New Mutants 39

And it was a good issue. Emma Frost, then known primarily as the White Queen, guilt stricken (sobbing with her head on the floor) and the New Mutants being victimized. They were ALWAYS being victimized, but this was a good one. It still gets referenced. Check into it.
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Did I Miss A Random Comic Book Friday?

I do believe I did. Sorry about that, I got this new toy called an iPad and was busy playing with the Marvel and DC apps for most of last week… they’re pretty sweet, I’ve gotta say. Anyways, to make up for it, here are not 2, but THREE random comics (well, 2 comics and one comic strip):

Ok, wait, really? $19.99 BIN for issue 12 of the latest volume of New Mutants? At first my mind was kind of blown, but then I checked into it and saw that yes, many copies of this issue have gone in the 15-20 dollar range (the David Finch varient gets into the upper 20s/30 dollar range). And there are other copies up with BIN’s in the $35-50 range, so hey, this is actually a bargain.

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Top 100 Summer Comics… #84

David Haller was always a lost soul.

I guess that happens when you are the son of Charles Xavier, who proved himself to be quite an absentee father.

Oh and by the way has dissociative identity disorder, or as they called it in the olden days, multiple personality disorder. And each of which comes with it’s own set of mutant powers.

Good luck, Cannonball…

#85 – New Mutants 26

Not necessarily an even fight. But the three issue story arc that kicks off here set the stage for Legion’s insanity to come. Which led to the Shadow King possessing him, and then being able to use his powers to control a whole slew of x-folks… and that eventually led to Legion’s attempt to right his wrongs in the Legion Quest. You know, the story that led to the best alternaverse storyline ever… the Age of Apocalypse. Sign up for the Sienkiewicz covers, and stick around for a pretty cool read.

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Phalanx Covenant

As far as the X-Men go, I loved the 80’s. Basically the entire decade was perfect. I loved X-Factor, I loved the New Mutants, and give me Gateway and the Aussie X-Men any day.

But for many people, they think early 90’s X-Men. Jim Lee, not Marc Silvestri. Cable, not Longshot. I liked that era (some of it a lot) but it was slipping. And then it happened. I was out. X-Cutioner’s Song was one I couldn’t sing. I like it, but even now thinking about it I feel icky. It’s not what it should have, could have been. It’s weak is what I’m trying to say. The art, the story, all of it feels like too many chefs, not enough waiters. Like I said, I dipped. This was the story that pushed me out of comics.

And it was a while. Looking back I dig on the Jae Lee art but that’s almost it. Nothing else jelled. I bought every issue (all twelve) and at the end felt empty. “Like butter scraped over too much bread”…

A year and a half passed (an eternity for a 12-13 year old) and I had started to dabble. I was revisiting some of my old comics, and had even bought a couple of new comics. And then I saw this cover on the stand.

Who’s that?
Why is Wolverine all technarked?
Is that Sabretooth?

And I bought it. And I was hooked. By a book that focused on Emma Frost, Banshee, and some weird new mutants. Joe Madureira did the art. Weird, strange, but refreshing. “Alright, I’m curious.” – I bought the rest of the crossover as it came out, and bam, just like that, just like George Costanza, “I’m Back, Baby.”

It seemed during my absence the x-books had all diverted and found their groove after the abyss that was the x-cutioner’s song. The Phalanx Covenant had laid the ground work for me to jump back into all of these books and I was interested in them all. I can say that this still holds up, and the above links are to a complete set of the original issues of this crossover, featuring pretty dope holo-foil covers. All for under $10 bucks, even better. Cheaper than original cover price.

If the trade scene is your preferred route, scoop up this, “the origin of generation x” trade, that contains the series in it’s entirety, as well as Generation X #1. And for even cheaper than the collection of singles above… just no holo-foil covers. Get at this.

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New and Old New Mutants Posters

Leave it to my luck for me to start dwelling on the Days of Future Present crossover and fate puts something in my way for potential purchase.

Damn you. I was just getting ahead on bills. Must. Not. Click. Buy…

Okay. Think I made it. It doesn’t hurt that this is a pretty unappealing poster. I don’t even think an intern designed it, they just went to the local Duane Reade and said to the stock boy, “HEY. Here’s a dollar. Design something that looks uninteresting!”

I’ll say this – the covers actually look WAY cooler on the poster than they ended up. When they went to print they added a border design and the images really got chopped. Pretty cool to see them in this form. Maybe this would look cool fram- STOP.

Oh and while we’re at, how about a couple of other New Mutants related gems?

Pretty nifty new poster for the recent New Mutants series. I dig it, and they all look spot on, but it lacks a quality that this next poster has in spades…

TIMELESS. This 24×36 Alex Ross poster tugs at my Bill Sienkiewicz fan heart-strings and hits all the right beats for anyone who appreciates the New Mutants mach 1.0 (or 2.0 but who’s counting.)

But for those who prefer a lil’ more Liefeld with their New Mutants… well here you go. Widows Peaks’ and all.

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What’s cookin’ in Plano, TX???

Custom figures, that’s what. And some AWESOME custom figures at that.

I think this is a cool scene – people who take the time, effort, and obvious skill level to make customs of figures that either don’t yet or just straight up won’t ever get a figure mass produced. Kudos – my inner child salutes you.

While the prices are somewhat prohibitive to casual interest, I think it’s reflective of the time invested. Here are some of my favorites, but be sure to click through and see some of the others…

U.S. Agent. He’s been mehhh in recent years – but in his glory days as the fill-in Captain America and then being shipped off to the West Avengers (or Avengers West Coast at the time) – golden.

Polaris in a more recent look. I think she’s been rockin’ this in the recent Space X-Men adventures. Always an underrated x-character.

Madelyn Pryor, the Goblin Queen. If you have never read the Inferno crossover… do. So cool. There’s also a What If? Issue based on the series with Ron Lim art, one of my favorite comics. Might have to write that up soon.

Ben Reily, the Scarlet Spider. Truth zone – I got back into Spidey comics to read the clone saga because I dug the Scarlet Spider look. I promptly dropped the books after I realized it was like getting on a train three stops away from a sharp cliff and no tracks…

Saving the best for last…The New Mutants. Magma, Magick, Karma, Cannonball, Doug Ramsey…err I mean Cipher, Sunspot, Wolfsbane, and Mirage. Well done. 

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