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Like the New Gods. But Newer.

Jack Kirby isn’t known as the king for nothing.

Sure, there’s Elvis. He’s pretty good with a microphone. But give him a pencil. Let’s see what he can do. (Actually, I’d be curious to see some Elvis sketches.*)

Everyone should know who Jack Kirby is. His influence on visual storytelling is broad, and he’s as influential to the Marvel Universe as anyone, including the man himself, Stan Lee. Due to this, it’s sometimes easy to forget his influence over in the other sandbox with DC, where he has had a pretty big hand as well. My primary interest is that of the New Gods, who have seen some recent play in the big DC event book, Final Crisis. (side note – my Darkseid Super Powers figure was easily the best villain action figure I owned.)

But do you know the Forever People? They were the young New Gods. Who could either be said to have had a heavy psychedelic influence or justĀ spoke like they belonged to an extremist cult. Regardless, here’s an expensive but ultimately wise investment in a piece of Jack Kirby original art. Absolute perfection.

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Original Art.

This seller has a whole lot of original artwork up right now. Definitely worth checking out.

These are the two I’d choose to bid on, had I the money.

A 1983 Jack Kirby redesign(?) of every one’s favorite Darkseid flunky Desaad, and an awesome Bill Sienkiewicz Black Widow sketch.

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