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The Avengers have been top dog for a while now, but sometimes amongst the mayhem, confusion, and nausea of the massive crossovers the good books have been getting lost in the shuffle. Enough, I say Marvel, enough. New Avengers has long been standing on it’s own as the best mainstream comic, but too much in and out of major storylines has created a lack of flow… hopefully the storm is over. Prior to the SIEGE crossover, Brian Michael Bendis and Stuart Immonen dropped a killer storyline prelude that hit on every note necessary – the story had depth but moved quickly, the art was had perfect pitch and control, and the overall feeling was that you were reading a complete awesome comic book. Immonen is quickly becoming one of my favorite artists – I’ll save gushing detail on that for another post – but for now do yourself a favor and scoop this trade up…

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Top 100 Summer Comics #12

So if you have been detached from the comics world for a minute, lemme catch you up.

Essentially, the Scarlet Witch flipped the entire world inside out and created an alternate reality before reverting to the one we know and love… except that now there’s a whole lot less mutants. (I would go with the “no more mutants” tag, but you know, it’s outdated.)

In the process, she kinda killed Hawkeye, who obviously was not okay with that. So… what happens next?

#12 – New Avengers 26

Hawkeye finds her, disguised as a simple villager in the frozen in time villages of Wundagore Mountain. The Witch seduces him, things go down, and he realizes he is in no position to exact revenge from a demigod. Bendis spins a great yarn, one of the many in New Avengers, but Alex Maleev is on point. A style which is both gritty and smooth, he was the perfect artist to pen this issue – an underrated feature is his ability to develop facial emotion and buildup through his panels, which is on full display here.

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