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Nostalgia Has a Breaking Point

I’ve posted about Pat Mills’ and Kevin O’Neill’s Nemesis The Warlock in the past, but I’ve been on another reading tear of that material and I couldn’t help but post again. Instead of directing you to the strange and brilliant comic book work featuring the alien freedom fighter, I am instead sharing the just plain strange ZX Spectrum game that share’s the warlock’s name. I can’t vouch for it and it’s likely only for completists, but it’s a piece of history and you should at least check it out.

I mean, doesn’t this vomit of primary colors look like fun? Kids today don’t know what they’re missing.

Fun fact, the Spectrum -essentially the British Commodore 64- has had over 20,000 games programed for it. Trip out on that.

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Is this my favorite creative team? Could be. We might be able to chalk the utter fearlessness of these men on the fact that they are British. Maybe. British people are like mischievous sprites. But I don’t think that tells the whole story. There is something altogether unique about the pairing of Pat Mills and Kevin O’Neil. Something that may not have happened since. Do yourselves the favor and claw over each other to get these books.

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