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How over stimulated is your average comic reader? I was just slogging through auction after auction of illustrations of naked ladies and slowly realizing I have no interest. I’ve been naked-lady’d to death. A naked lady is now boring to me. No thrill. Between pornography and comic books, I’ve been desensitized. Something really freaky has to be happening just to get my notice.

Well, you got me, Neal Adams. You got me.

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Duh na na na, Duh na na na, FOREGROUND!

Love all 4 of these Neal Adams Batman covers, even if they’re are variations on the same “giant villain in the back ground, Batman and Robin cowering in the foreground” template…

That Joker cover is an all time great, but dude. THE SHADOW. In a Batbook. That’s AWESOME. It’s such a shame the whole Shadow in the DCU thing they tried in the 70s didn’t work out. Hopefully they can get the rights and work Mr Cranston into their excellent First Wave series, which has Batman working in the same universe as Doc Savage and The Avenger.

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Dick Tracy For The Win.

Seller brianhowardart has a lot of really sweet looking original art from the likes of Neal Adams, Glenn Fabry, Marc Silvestri, and more…

So many pieces of good lookin’ original work up for sale. But my favorite piece isn’t from a comic book. It’s this original Dick Tracy strip from 1938:

So Karpse isn’t one of the better known Dick Tracy villains. Who cares? Gould based the guy on Boris Karloff, number one, and number two, this entire strip shows him setting up a death trap. That RULES.
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Not everyone has a basement. The mutants living in the Cursed Earth rad-lands of the American Southwest, for example, live their entire lives without the benefit of a basement. Sad.

In the Northeast, basements come in two types: Scary and Not Scary. All basements are somewhat scary because man wasn’t meant to be beneath the ground. But some basements push that scary thing to a new level through neglect, dampness, and an unmistakably grave-like earthen feel. Those are the basements you run up the last three steps when exiting, regardless of how old you are.

The Not Scary basement usually has a drop ceiling and a Ping-Pong table. It’s a place parents put their kids when they don’t want to deal with loud little monsters traipsing dogshit through the white carpeted living room. Those basements rule. They suit the needs of kids throughout their adolescence and when you turn 16 it’s where you touch a boob for the first time.

This Hulk poster featuring Neal Adams artwork would look awesome in a Not Scary basement. Check out the word balloon you could totally waste by writing something not funny in.

Typically I don’t like to reward those sellers who are so dismissive of me, the potential buyer, that they don’t put up large size images. But this piece deserves some looks so we’ll try to ignore that this would be a much more effective auction if the scale of the piece was represented and a good photo was taken.

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One more reason…

Neal Adams is better than you.

Well, at least a better artist. I can’t really attest to his breath, good looks, or manner, though I’m sure all are of above average quality at the least.

This cover just strikes an absolute chord as something that would leap of the shelf, be it 1971, 1951 or 2021. Classic and striking cover that makes use of an (obviously) shocking image but gives it enough life and substance that it resonates as opposed to just washes over you.

When I see covers like this, I can only think of how daunting it must be to take over a title like Batman where such artists have already tread and conquered in ways almost unfathomable. Thank you Mr. Adams, thank you.
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One of the best ever…

…drawn by one of the best ever.

Top 5 Joker cover appearances for sure.

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I hope the “little Johnny” that marked up that classic Neal Adams cover got one hell of a spanking that day.
I mean, I know kids will be kids and all, and they don’t know any better, but this is just a super bum out to see.

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