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Year of the Rabbit

I’m not very original when naming my posts. “Year of the Rabbit” is the name of the Stan Sakai exhibit at the Japanese American National Museum that I walk by every time I go to the bank. In all my hustle for San Diego Comic Con, I haven’t gotten the time to stop in the museum yet. I intend to change that as soon as I get back to LA. And even without having seen it yet, I urge you to go. Stan Sakai is a treasure and one of the dudes in comics we should be celebrating. Today we’re going to celebrate by spotlighting some random Sakai merch I found on Ebay.

First up is a very pretty Usagi Yojimbo print given added value through a (very) rough sketch and signature by Sakai. Get a frame and put it in your dining room.

A little less impressive is this collectable card signed by Sakai. It’s also got Usagi on it. I wouldn’t expect anything else. Sakai has a long career in comics and has done a great many things, but he’ll be best remembered for his long-running samurai rabbit. Buy this card, because why not?

Year of the Rabbit runs through October 30 and you can find the Japanese American National Museum in the Little Tokyo section of Los Angeles. Easy access from the train and a pleasant neighborhood to grab dinner in. No reason you shouldn’t check it out if you live in the area. Maybe you’ll see me there.

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