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Monday Mort!

Wow, it’s legitimately been months since I’ve done a post over here on Comic Noize. I’m going to have to work to change that in 2011. One of the ways I’m gonna try to do that, is by doing cross over posts with the other Noize sites I work on. Case in point: over on Tee Till Death, it’s Metal Monday. And while looking for shirts to post for it this week, I found an original State of Euphoria tour shirt. You know, the ones with the caricature of the band drawn by MAD Magazine legend Mort Drucker?

Yup, that’s the one. Though that is a post card and not a shirt, obviously.

Drucker is right up there in the upper echelon of my MAD pantheon, so that Anthrax shirt was always a fave. But no matter who he was drawing, Drucker always nailed it. Sadly, I think the fact that the vast majority of his work for MAD were on the movie and tv parodies means that we’ll never get a swank ass hardcover set like the one Don Martin got. That’s kind of a bum out, but hey, the man is in his 80s and still cranking ’em out for MAD, so I can’t complain.

Top 3 MAD artists ever, no doubt about it.

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