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Wack Cover Week: Day 1. Who Jumps Like This?

I love Mike Zeck. I also love the treatment the title got. “Trade dressing” I think they call it. But what’s going on with this pose? I mean, Zeck does it better than 90% could, but there’s no saving this nonsense. Is he leaping at us? Jumping up to something? Is he falling? I can’t tell.

Also, Baron Zemo is just bad. That’s some real Mr. Potato Head stuff. Sorry, Mike.

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Try Not To Get the Blood of Criminals On It

After scouring the internet for a wearable Punisher shirt, I’m happy to report I found a COOL Punisher shirt. Not only would I wear this, but I will wear this unless one of you beat me to it.

Look at this. Crisp, white shirt. Zeck art on an empty field. Beautiful. This makes me want to hit the streets and start my own war on crime. Forget those hideous shirts and jackets being produced now. Go classic. Go 1987.

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Just In Case You Forgot. PUNISHER RULES.

Time for your once a week, Mike Zeck-is-awesome-and-the-Punisher-is-one-of-the-most-fun-characters-ever-created post. But this one has a twist. It’s the first holy-crap-is-this-seller-crazy-or-does-the-market-really-demand-a-price-that-high-for-this-admittedly-awesome-poster post.

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Rocket Blastin’

Recently, I was asked to contribute to a comic zine. As I’ve said in previous posts, I come from a punk background where zines range from engaging to unbelievably dull and self-involved. Based on the people involved, I think the zine will be great, but I’ll stand ever-vigilant to ensure it doesn’t go down that punk zine road.

I couldn’t saw which side of that boring/not boring fence this zine from 1976 falls, but I’m optimistic of anything Mike Zeck related. This issue features an interview with the man. Is the interview two-pages? Twenty-pages? Who knows? But this material harkens back to a time when comics were just a touch less overexposed and used-up, so it’s got definite appeal.

Rocket Blast Comic-Collector zine is from before my time, but Mike Zeck is timeless.

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Kraven’s Last Auction

“Kraven’s Last Hunt” is one of my favorite storylines in comic history. It’s also a great argument against all the people crying about the mature content in “today’s” comics. Yo, this thing came out 20 years ago and is so dark and adult in content I don’t think I’ve seen its rival, even in the shock-value stuff Ennis pours out. Don’t fear adulthood, comic creators, it can be pretty cool.

I assume you all have this story, either in single issues or trade (maybe both?) so I didn’t bother posting up those auctions. Instead, I’m putting up the associated stuff. The weird stuff.

Here’s an interesting auction. Uncut dust jackets for the 2nd Edition of the hardcover. Featuring mediocre design, but beautiful Mike Zeck art, this is way cooler than a normal poster and would be a conversation piece on anyone’s wall.

Here’s a sculpture for the superfan. I don’t get into these super-specific dioramas depicting exact scenes from comics. But this is one of the most dramatic resurrections in the history of the superhero genre, so that’s worth something. We all knew Spider-Man would be back, but the magic J. M. DeMatteis managed here was making his return memorable. He did it. I’m not sure this piece achieves the same gravitas, but whatever, it would still look cool on your desk.

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Putting the US back in U.S.A.

A Norse God, an Alcoholic, an Eastern European Mutant, and a 93 year old from Brooklyn walk onto an alien collective brain. What do they do?

Well, they throw up the American flag and start killing alien soldiers, der! A great Mike Zeck piece where you get to see a Romita influence in his pencils – I haven’t come across much of his work in an unfinished form and you can really see that style here, especially on the Kree soldiers in the foreground. If I was the type to have $900 to throw around, I would probably scoop this up. Has anyone seen a color version of this piece?

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The Few. The Proud. The Punisher Poster.

There are few comic book characters whose poster you can get away with still having on your wall past the age of 15. I think The Punisher is one of those. Obviously it depends on the artwork as well, but these I think are the 4 best choices (and yes, we have had this first one up here before, I thought you could all use a reminder). After all, it’s 3 from Mike Zeck and one dominated by Jim Lee…

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For the Thrifty Zeck Aficionado

I’ve been on this “fantasy home wall hanging” kick lately where I pretend I have limitless resources and shop for items I’d like to frame and hang on the wall of the home I don’t yet own.

Unfortunately, having not been brought up rich, I always have it in the back of my head that I should find a thriftier version of whatever I’m looking at. Isn’t that depressing? Not even in my dreams can I splurge for ridiculously overpriced stuff.

Mike Zeck is one of my favorite artists. Could be an actual appreciation, could be nostalgia, but why over-think these things? I just like him. In my efforts to find an original Zeck piece, I waded through $3,000 items until this beauty appeared to me:

At $350 or best offer, that’s practically begging for a spot on my wall. Sure, it’s not his most well-known work. In fact, it’s not known at all. But it almost has more charm that way. Anyone can shell out big dollars for a classic, but it takes a connoisseur to sniff out that obscure throwaway piece that’s been lining a birdcage in someone’s attic for 25 years.

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