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Top 100 Summer Comics #40

I almost don’t even know if I should talk about this as much as post the cover and the creative team.

#40 – Wolverine: The Jungle Adventure

Walter Simonson, writer. (!!)

Mike Mignola, penciler. (!!!!)

Buttttt…. I will write a little anyways. An almost surprisingly awesome book, even with the credo that this particular writer/artist combo bring. Apocalypse was still early in his character development and I think this particular one shot went a long way towards establishing him. In my last post I mentioned how important the setting is to a great wolverine tale – this one is no different. Somehow Mike Mignola drawing Wolverine fighting cyborg T-Rex’s in the Savage Land just works on every possible level. If you’ve never read this, and I hadn’t for quite a while, dig it up and dig in.

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Top 100 Summer Comics #76

I say it often, but I miss these ideas. Marvel Comics Presents was a collection book that came out twice a month (I think?) that had 3/4 short stories, 7-8 pages each and would extend through anywhere between 2-6 issues or so. Some longer, some only one issue. But it was a cool idea to get people interested in characters, writers, and artists that they might not have yet come across.

The series was given a chance a couple years ago but the content just wasn’t up to standard. I’d love to see the notion of a compilation book come back… but maybe in a different format. Who knows.

What I do know is that the original series had a couple of kickass storylines, and what turns out to be easily the best solo Cyclops story ever. Marvel eventually collected it into a tpb, so that says something.

#76 – Marvel Comics Presents 20

First off, every issue of this run had killer covers. Mike Mignola on this one, John Byrne on another… hit after hit. The story has everything you need for a good Cyclops adventure… a gnarly Sentinel, a character who comes off whinier than him (Banshee here), and Muir Island. Where’s the sense of confusion and self doubt? Oh yeah, they got it. And that “a-ha!” turning point of confidence? Yup. Good quick read.
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Scary Sketchings

Two of comics finest with limited sketchbooks here.

A new name to some, Arthur Suydam lit the mainstream comics world on fire with his work on the multiple Marvel Zombies runs as well as more zombie variant covers than you could shake a stick at. Before that he just worked on some publications I’m not sure anyone has heard of… Heavy Metal, National Lampoon, Epic Illustrated… oh and this companyPenthouse Comix. No big deal. I bet I’d enjoy his sketchings more than a lot of his finished work – even just from the cover of this sketchbook I’m curious to see more. A little more visceral, less polished and give these monsters some teeth, y’know?

And hopefully everyone’s familiar with Mr. Mike Mignola. Hellboy, heard of it? Probably. But where I got my interest piqued by Mignola was the covers of some mid 80’s issues ofClassic X-Men. Mignola’s sharp style gave these iconic characters a very different texture than the art between the covers, and at the least was a very new style for my eyes. Chances are if Mignola has a pencil on paper somewhere, people are interested. Count me in that group.

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Hellboy vs Vampirella.

Don’t tell me you wouldn’t be down to read that.

Especially if Mike Mignola actually drew it.

I hate that he barely draws Hellboy anymore. Hate it. 🙁

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Unamerican Gladiators.

I was never the world’s biggest Lobo fan, but boy did I get a kick out of this one as a teenager…

Unamerican Gladiators. In which L.E.G.I.O.N. head honcho Vril Dox decides to unearth the corruption behind the Maim Game, a televised, winner take all death match, by tricking Lobo into entering. So we get 4 issues of the Main Man dodging death traps and competing with (and maiming) a bunch of whacked out ridiculous teams. Like a family of body builders (all of whom are so muscle bound they can barely move) a lost and confused Army platoon, and a team of humanoid flies. Several of the concepts and characters for the book were taken straight out of the long underappreciated DC 12 issue miniseries Outcasts, which was written and drawn by the same creative team as U.G.

Suicide Park, the trio of “Killer” Kowalski, B.D. Rickenbacker, and the “immortal” Yancy Queeg (a corpse B.D. carries around in a bucket… long story)… even the Maim Game concept itself has it’s roots in the Outcasts series. Oh, and let’s not forget the Satan Brothers…

Love those guys. Such great heels.

Cover art by Mike Mignola, of Hellboy fame.

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