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Mysteriously Low Priced Auction Of the Day: I’ve Got A Swampy Feeling

While I was looking at George Perez Superman pages going for 3k, I tripped over this hidden gem. Why is it so cheap? The art is by Mike Hoffman and he signed the page. Not a superstar, but a capable artist working on a popular character WHO APPEARS IN EVERY PANEL OF THIS PAGE.

So why so affordable? What am I missing? Grab it up now.

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The Way You Control the Elements is Sexy

To me, Crystal has always been the “other” Inhuman. Sure, she’s part of the royal family, but she’s sort of second rung in terms of coolness. Lockjaw is a dog and he somehow manages to be more compelling than Crystal. This piece, by fantasy illustrator Mike Hoffman, is changing my perspective on the matter. I can’t really speak to the pose Crystal is striking here, except to say “it works.”

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