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Top 100 Summer Comics #43

Sometimes you need a light-hearted and fun hero romp. Wieringo and Waid’s Fantastic Four sates this sweet tooth quite nicely.

But when you are looking for something with a little bit more of a bite, the art of Mike Deodato comes to the plate perfectly. His style has grown over the years but the depth and tone of his art has always been a strong point – he creates mood with his strong, crunching lines and stoney detail. A recent example…

#43 – Dark Avengers 1

Basically a twist on the theme of Thunderbolts, reformed villains and borderline anti-heroes are joined together under the new Hoss of the Marvel U, Norman Osborn, under the tag of Avengers. The premise is nothing special, but what brought the series to a higher level was Deodato. Much like his run on Thor in the ’90s, and his term on the Bruce Jones written Hulk earlier this decade, Deodato’s pacing and dark edges gave what could have been a “good” book a Great book.

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Mike Deodato on Thor

Thor struggled through the 90’s. 

His 80’s run was prolific, but it hit awall. Thunderstrike hit. It was ugly. 

And then it was cancelled. 

But for a moment, a relatively new artist by the name of Mike Deodato hit the scene hard and did some really nice work on a dying series. More on this later, but here’s an original art piece from the era where I questioned, “wait, this series is being cancelled now?”

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