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Cottage Industries Can Be Scary

What you’re looking at, just in the off-chance you didn’t immediately recognize it, is a custom-crafted Mego-compatible Abomination head. Look at that sculpt, man. It’s like Abomination himself is looking at me.

Here’s what’s so awesome about this Ebay auction: Someone made this with love. Some oddball working with a scalpel and maybe some injection molding elements I don’t understand –might as well be plutonium– crafted this with blood, sweat and tears. And the very best part? I DOESN’T look like crap. I would respect this seller even if his product looked like a cat’s ass, but it looks good and the respect is doubled. Even if you don’t have any Mego figures on which to put this thing, check this out. It’s weirdly compelling when you think about what goes into it.

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Swag Diego Comic Con.

Well, the San Diego Comic Con is over, which means it’s time for the goodies to start hitting eBay, be they freebies or limited edition collectors items that people are now trying to flip.

First, we have this cute little Red Hood hood, a promo for DC’s soon to be released Batman: Under The Red Hood animated dvd.

One of the hottest things coming out of SDCC was The Walking Dead trailer shown at the WD panel, and here’s a pin and promo card for the show.

But enough of the freebies, on to the limited stuff… Minimates had limited Battle Beasts! And the Real Ghostbusters are back in Mego form!

Oh man, BLASTER! AND Sgt Slaughter! And old school Orko and Prince Adam! Clearly, retro was very in this year.

And of course, if you’re bummed you missed out on all the free stuff, you can just be a total dork and buy a bag o swag.

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Venture Brothers Rules.

Love that show. Doesn’t air nearly regularly enough, but it takes everything I love (super heroes, pulp fiction, old cartoons… I mean, if I actually listed everything it’d be pages long) and wraps it up in one satirical yet loving package. So it stands to reason that, when it came time to make action figures, they’d go with a winking nod to the toys of the past…

That’s right. The Venture Brothers toys will be Mego style. As we all know, I’ve never really gotten the appeal of Megos, but in this case it makes perfect sense to me. Will cop.

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I Want My Mummy.

Or in this case, mummies.

4 Mummies to be precise.

Too bad it’s not May, this would have made a great Mother’s Day post… ah well.

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I never really got into Megos. I’m pretty sure I had a Hulk, a Spiderman, and a Spider-mobile as a little tyke, but that’s really it. I guess I came along just a smidge too late for them.

But some people really dig em. They’re very collectible.

Case in point. Under a day left, already over a hundred bucks. Or take a look at this guy:

Mint in package Mego Thor. 7 bids, $430 bucks, a hair under a day to go. Heck, even a line of generic Cavemen Megos is up to over $300…

So yeah. Clearly I missed out on something.

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Let Us All Take Note:

This is a Captain America Mego from the 70s.

A MEXICAN Captain America Mego.

Is there some sort of lesson about unity here?
Perhaps even a moral that could be applied to the current situation in Arizona?


I just posted it because it looks crusty and old and cool.

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My Friend Peter.

As a comic book nerd on a budget, I often rely on the kindness of strangers to keep my reading up to date.

And by strangers, I mean my friend Peter, without whom I never would have read so many of the many Blackest Night tie ins.

I also rely on him to provide me with a living room in which I may sit and play video games and watch Lost in captivating HDtv. He’s a good dude. He also has a toy collection that could fill multiple rooms.

As is often the case, Peter is now out of room (and married), and is selling a large selection of his collection to help finance his move to a larger home. Everything from He-man to Spawn.

Minimates? Modern Megos? He’s got those on lock.

Still into Mighty Muggs? He’s got those too.

Or maybe what you really need in life is an Iron Man t-shirt to wear on May 7.

Or perhaps a translucent purple limited edition MAXX action figure.

Whatever it is, I’m sure Peter’s got you covered. So go check his auctions out and help me get a nicer place to hang out in… err, help my friend get a nicer place a live in.
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Surprisingly, Mego customs are just as big a crap shoot as regular customs. I’m not so sure I’ve ever seen a good one. So please realize just how psyched I am on this one, especially considering the yak faced fellow below was, in my opinion, the best thing to come out of this whole Blackest Night business…

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Larfleeze.

The Orange Lantern, aka Agent Orange.

Mego style.

Go ahead. Covet it. Buy it. You know you want to. And then lock it up in a glass box, put the glass box in a safe, swallow the combination, and never let anyone see it ever again.

Larfleeze would want it that way.

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Spider Car, Spider Car… why the eff is there a Spider Car?

I never got the Spider Car.

I don’t mean that I didn’t have that toy as a kid, cuz I did. What I mean is, even at 4, I never understood why Spider Man needed a car. Aside from the whole crawling up buildings and swinging across town on webs thing, there’s the fact homeboy lives in NEW YORK CITY. Have you ever tried to drive in NYC? I have. In everything from a 2 door coupe to a 25 ft moving truck. It’s not pretty. You know how the Green Goblin dropped Gwen Stacy off the George Washington Bridge? If Spidey had been driving the Spider Car, she’d still be alive, because puny Parker would have straight up never gotten there, and the Goblin would have gone home out of boredom.

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