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Drokk! It’s the Judges! Run!

Some kids grow up idolizing their dads. Some kids want to be their older brothers. My dad was in jail and my brother was on coke so, for me, Judge Dredd was the strong male influence I needed. Sure, he stepped on civil liberties and may’ve been a bit severe at times (“switch to hi-ex!”) but he was a man of his times! Mega-City One is a dangerous place. It’s up to the Judges to maintain order! That’s why we gave them that power!

Over in the US, Judge Dredd was a sort of cult book. Back in the UK, this dude was bigger than Mickey Mouse. I thought to best demonstrate Judge Dredd’s cult of personality, I’d highlight some auctions that have nothing to do with comics.

Here we have the speaker cut-out’s from the classic Judge Dredd pinball game. What purpose do they serve now? That’s up to you, perp!

A role-playing miniature from the Judge Dredd game. Angel gang. Very dangerous.

A poster of entirely too close a close-up.

My favorite auction I’ve seen in a long minute. A dude selling an index card with a a marker and color pencil illustration of his own. This is genius. Dude is an Ebay millionaire, I guarantee it.

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