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I Have a Love/Hate Relationship with a Piece of Paper

I hate Deadpool. This herb, along with Cable, turned me off from comics for a full two years. These characters have as much pathos as a patio furniture and their origins are the most confused sort of art-by-committee nonsense you’re likely to find.

I love Taskmaster. He’s the perfect low-level villain. A miniboss worthy of the title. Most amazingly, he actually becomes more interesting as time goes on, instead of becoming a one-dimensional caricature of himself- something that can’t be said for 90% of second-tier characters.

So this piece is a split decision. Sure it has Taskmaster, but it also has that non-character Deadpool. I think it comes down to if you’re a McGuiness fan or not… and have the $1,000 to spare.

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