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Spider-Man tee, circa 1988

Before the movies.

Before the bad movie. 

Spider-Man was always popular in the comics, and when Todd McFarlane was put on the job, it was fire to gasoline. There’s a whole lot that went haywire, but for a while it was a perfect marriage. Even his biggest critics wouldn’t discredit his unique contortions and perspectives that really fleshed out Spidey for fans and artists alike for the next decade. 

This is a shirt I seem to remember because, believe it or not, there was a time when comic book themed t-shirts were not a common site. Whereas I can’t walk into a mall without being accosted by 8 different comic tee’s, there was a time I dreamed of owning a cool Havok shirt. I would still offer cash to anyone who has the Uncanny X-Men 251 Silvestri cover shirt (purple tee, to boot!) Anyways, this shirt not only is original, but a nice homage to the classic first appearance of Superman. If you don’t know, google image search “Action Comics #1” and you’ll get the picture. (OOF)

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