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Dare Devil the Man Without Fear Frank Miller Hard Cover

I have to say I was not a huge Dare Devil fan. I always felt like he was Marvel’s answer to Batman. I just could not get into it until I read the Frank Miller origin. Miller just has a way of telling a story like you’re reading a great detective novel or watching a film noir. The retelling of the origin made me appreciate the character more. I felt sympathy for the orphan kid who grew up blind as a result of an accident which taught him how to survive with his other senses. Matt Murdock’s need to feel alive through near death experiences resonates with Batman’s need to fight crime. Both characters have flawed love lives that are exposed, as well as, a need to distance themselves from people who care about them. John Romita Jr brings the character to life through amazing illustrations that pay homage to the silver age yet incorporate the copper age. flsptcards is selling a great hardcover graphic novel that collects all five issues of this limited series. This is a great way to rediscover the origin of Dare Devil.

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