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My Earliest Comic Memory.

It was the winter of 1986. I had just come home from the third grade, and for some reason that I do not remember, I was not wearing my winter hat. For another some reason that I also do not remember, this was A BIG DEAL. If there was one rule for winter weather wear coming to and from school, it was to have my hat on. But I did not. And my dad saw me coming up the drive without it, and so when I came in I was promptly punished. How was I punished? I was punished by not getting the three He-man comics he had bought for me that afternoon until I finished writing “I will wear my hat when I’m outside” (or something like that) somewhere from 30-100 times. My dad was pretty big on making me write lines as a punishment when I was a wee lad. But, the point is, these are the first three comics that I can remember reading. Just don’t ask me to tell you what happened in them; I’ll be damned if I can remember details outside of the Meteorbs being in one of the issues (which turned out to be issue 2).

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