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Top 100 Summer Comics #71

It’s a Friday evening, been a looonnng week. So let me tell you about something that sucks.

Master Pandemonium. He sucks.

He’s got the worst style (dojo master? 70’s honky? Terrible facial hair? YUP.) and is terribly weak for someone of such alleged great mystical power. Something tells me Dr. Strange would laugh before having Wong dispose of him.


#71 – Avengers West Coast 52

John Byrne did him right. Wrote him into one helluva’ tale about the Scarlet Witch’s children and made him actually seem legit. Eery. Finally viable. After that though? Back to d-level bagain bin magic doof. (Big laughs to the series switching the title from West Coast Avengers to Avengers West Coast. Good one.)

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