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Man-Thing is going to get a lot of play from me this week. I’ll be posting Man-Thing comic appearances, original art, clothing (?) and toys.

To start, let’s explore the many shapes of the Man-Thing. They say Batman is the book where artists express themselves, because the character has no defined look. Sometimes his ears are big, other times small. Sometimes his suit looks black and gray, sometimes it looks black and black. Bruce Wayne is James Bond; sometimes he’s Timothy Dalton and other times Daniel Craig. The flexibility this amorphous non-character allows is an artist’s wet dream. Color outside the lines, homie! Have fun. But Man-Thing takes that same idea and ramps it up a few notches to include all sorts of icky swamp shit. Is Man-Thing a mushy pile of turd? Or is he a hulking behemoth? Is he a hulking turd? Your call, dog! Make that muck monster sing!

Here we’ve got Man-Thing looking like an overweight drag-queen. I’m somewhat supportive of it.

And here looking like he plays defensive tackle for the Bears.

And here looking fit as hell. Dude looks like an Abercrombie model.

And probably my favorite, Man-Thing as a college football mascot.

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