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Muscle Beach Castoff Vs Boca Raton Gigolo

Can we agree this is the best the Hulk and the Thing have ever looked? Marvel really missed a branding opportunity with these two. Think about how much more iconic these characters would have been if this is the look other artists had embraced for them.

The Thing’s shirt is so fly. I’d be pissed if the Hulk tore it too. Buy this 1980 poster today. You need this in your home.

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Deafening Silence

Black Bolt is one of my favorite characters. The creator pathos that goes into a character that can’t speak for fear of destroying everything around him is pretty obvious. Comics are one of the places being this obvious isn’t just acceptable, but is accepted as the root of great characters.

Here’s a brilliant piece by Evan Dorkin. Silently click the button to buy it.

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Back From the Bloc

Hey ya’ll, I’m back from a short trip to Eastern Europe.

They’ve got beautiful women and a friendly attitude over there, but that’s rarely what’s represented in comic books. Instead, we’ve got Hitler, Hitler, and more Hitler. Normally, I’d decry the bias there and implore our comic creators to illustrate the variety of lifestyle found in Easter Europe. But there’s no denying how fun a good Hitler comic can be. So I declare this Hitler Comic Week. Come back each day for an update on that dude. Spoiler: He usually loses.

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Captain America of The Avengers Dead Men Running Comic Set Signed by Derek Hess

moulinpuj is selling a rare 3 piece Captain America set from 2002. This is a special set, it is drawn by Derek Hess. Hess is famous for all those cool concert posters you’ve seen on Ebay. Definitely one of my favorite artists and he was nice enough to sign these.

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War Comics Is Hell

Was The ‘Nam any different from the multitude of war comics that came before? Did it really deviate that much from the British war titles that were so popular decades earlier? I can’t say. Maybe.

But it was an undeniably well-done war book. It had corny elements and certainly wasn’t gritty as we now define that word. But for the time and the audience it was remarkably on-topic and on-message. It was a moment. Here’s the first 25 issues for the cost of a footlong sub. BUY NOW.

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For the Simonson Completist Only

If you’re not into picking up every piece of Walt Simonson-related collectable on this planet, you lame. Also, this post is not for you.

Remember when Simonson was doing licensed books like Close Encounters? No? Don’t feel weird, no one does. But here it is. With Klaus Janson!

What’s that you say? You want production art worth 1/1000 of what an original piece would cost you? Done. Here you go. And it’s from a run you remember. Simonson on X-Factor. Inferno! Forget Thor, this is the book he was born to do.

Now you’re demanding a Simonson cover on a completely forgettable Sherlock Holmes DC book? You want Denny O’Neil to have scripted this thing you won’t read? You are hard to please. But I got you.

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So, yeah, typically holiday books are dumping grounds for throwaway work aimed at the guy who has to buy everything on the racks. BUT it’s also a proving ground for young writers and artists and is, occasionally, the place old stars roll out a brilliant short they’ve wanted to tell for years. Is this late-90s Marvel Valentines Day book a hidden gem or a low-rent cash-grab? I don’t know, but for the price it’s not going to hurt to find out.

Here’s something a bit more reliable. We know what’s going to happen in this one. These old romance books dealt so squarely in archetypes and convention, that I could probably just tell you what happens based on the cover. Still, every so often these will throw you for a loop that makes sci-fi comics look grounded. I just wish this one revealed some REAL bride secrets, like the sort I’ve seen in adult film.

It would’ve been easy to go with Amazing Spider-Man annual 21 for Valentines Day. It has one of my favorite romantic covers and just makes your heart melt to look at it. But what about this? Just as important as a wedding is the proposal. No proposal, no wedding, right? Buried in this otherwise forgettable issue, we’ve got Peter’s proposal to Mary Jane. Romance. Also, look at this awesome cover. “Hiding in Pittsburgh won’t save you” is fantastically self-aware.

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Steal Sean Philips

Why is this piece of original art by the impossibly great Sean Philips, featuring incredibly popular characters, not going for lots of money? That’s for the seller to worry about. All you need concern yourself with is the purchase, mounting, and framing of this beautiful thing. Created as the recap page in an issue of the Kingpin series, this is just a solidly designed piece that any fan of the characters or artist should consider a steal at this price. Buy!

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My Christmas List

Good news! I brought you it all in for under $1,000! I was thinking of you. I didn’t want to get greedy. HO HO HO

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Battle of the Lames

Which of these two forgettable villains that existed just to further the plot and had no energy or motivations of their own is lamer?

Guy in a stupid jetpack with laser wrists, CHANCE!


Terribly designed cyber blade jet shoe purple-hair clown, SPEEDFREEK!

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