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Thanos Week, our parallel to Shark Week, continues with this odd find. There’s nothing particularly out of the ordinary about a copy of Marvel Two-In-One, even if it’s an annual. So why so pricey?

Could it be the appearance of a certain moon-dwelling death-obsessed space weirdo? Could have something to do with a prune-faced demi-god? I think so.

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Your Last Chance To Be the Superhero Known as “Santa”

Quick! Before this auction ends and Christmas ends, grab this weird-as-shit book up! It features the ever-lovin’ Thing working with a very strange-looking version of Ghost Rider to (apparently) bring peace to a very stereotypical rendition of the holy land. How can you beat that?! Check those white arabs and the tacked-on Middle Eastern architecture! Just too awesome for words! Act now!

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Not him! It can’t be him!

Yeah, it’s definitely not him.

It IS however a 24 issue lot of Marvel Two In One comics, starring everyone’s favorite ever lovin’ blue eyed Thing. Basically it was just Marvel Team Up, with Benjy in the Spider Man role. Both books were always a fun time, with loads of second tier characters getting exposure.

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