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Thanos Week, our parallel to Shark Week, continues with this odd find. There’s nothing particularly out of the ordinary about a copy of Marvel Two-In-One, even if it’s an annual. So why so pricey?

Could it be the appearance of a certain moon-dwelling death-obsessed space weirdo? Could have something to do with a prune-faced demi-god? I think so.

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THANOS Week Starts Now!

With The Avengers film in theaters and the very sexy post-credit scene promising a Thanos appearance in the next installment, copies of The Infinity Gauntlet are going up in price by the day. Everyone who doesn’t know, wants to know. Everyone who already knows, wants to experience the joy of Thanos all over again.

For people of a certain age, Thanos is the king. He’s the top of the comic crossover mountain. Secret Wars gets credit for somehow being engaging despite the dumbest premise of all time, but The Infinity Gauntlet was actually good.

We’ve all acted stupid for a girl, right? Imagine how stupid you get when that girl is the personification of death. Thanos is just a fool in love.

We’ll build up to the gauntlet. In the meantime, check this Thanos appearance in Warlock written by Marv Wolfman and pencilled by Jim Starlin. Whoa.

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The Secret To Finding Great Daredevil Art For Low Prices

The secret to finding affordable Daredevil art is to not have Daredevil in the art.

Here’s a page from Daredevil 367. You might notice it’s by Gene Colan and it’s awesome. You probably also notice that there is no Daredevil costume in this piece. It’s Matt Murdock in a cute little boxing outfit. What this does for you is bring the potential cost of this down a great deal. I know you love Daredevil, but if you love him you also love him without the outfit. Get on this before someone else does.

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The Career Left Turn

Before he entered his current strata of OBVIOUS weird dude, the LESS OBVIOUS weird dude Frank Miller was a creative powerhouse.

Let’s all sigh together.

Then click on the images to check out auctions that bring the pre-unhinged Miller to your longbox for next to nothing. Good dealz.

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A New Contestant Enters the Fray!

Normally, I focus on the worst of Image Comics or the lowest point of the Marvel hologram cash-in when talking about crappy 90s comics. But what about overlooked turd-gems like this? License product of the saddest kind. The Sam Keith affiliation doesn’t buoy this mess. Is this the WORST COMIC OF THE 90s? Buy it, find out, and feel misery.

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I Needed A Time Machine To Find A Decent Hulk Shirt

Had to hop in the way-back machine and go through bins at Woolworth to find the shirt of my dreams. Thanks, 1980s. You know how to make comics seem counter-culture, even if they were selling far more copies at the time.

IRON-ONS! I don’t know what the chances of these working in 2012 is, but at that price it’s entirely worth taking a chance. Plus, NOTEBOOK PAPER.

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Shirt Hunt: Part One. The Punisher

So it’s midnight and I got it in my head that I want a classic Punisher shirt. Maybe presentable, more likely worn under a button-up for good luck. Struggling to get through pages of awful shirts got me thinking about comic book shirts in general and I’ll be keeping that theme for the next few days.

Here’s the best Punisher shirt I could manage to find. It’s not classic, and it’s not truly awesome, but it’s really pretty cool for a new item. Or maybe it sucks and I’m just used to looking at even worse shirts. Whatever. This one is good for neighborhood pickup football games.

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Are you a VHS collector? You should be. It’s cooler than vinyl and just as worthless.

Here’s a weathered copy of The Red Skull animated… movie? I don’t know what you call something this length. What TV show was it taken from?

I can’t vouch for the film itself as I hate animation and movies, but I can speak very highly of the packaging. The swastikas are pretty bold for a kid’s movie, and the Red Skull’s teeth are pretty big for anything other than a horse, and the sticker that reads “CHILDREN” on the front just completes the vibe. You know how I can tell Red Skull is a bad guy? He smokes.

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I Wish the Vision Was My Laptop

Sorry about my absence. Computer exploded.

To celebrate, here’s an auction that is is the opposite of how I feel. Computers are NOT fun. I think Mephisto is behind the whole thing. Hulk smash computers.

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Though the two are entirely unrelated, I’m going to use this Wonder Man custom figure to commemorate the first day of WonderCon 2012. Traditionally held in San Francisco, this year finds the con in Anaheim. A threat to San Diego Comic Con International? Probably not as they’re run by the same people. Anyway, come see me if you’re there.

Simon, in all his original glory. Respect to its creator for going so obscure.

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