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Son of Saturn Doesn’t Even Sound Intimidating.

Oh J’emm, whatever are we to do with you?

In theory, you’re not a bad character. The problem is twofold:

1. You’re viewed as a Martian Manhunter rip off. Which is fair, since you were originally created to be a new Martian Manhunter at a time when J’onn wasn’t being used. Thing is, he ended up being used, so you ended up being from Saturn. Yeah, they tied it together in a way that explained it, but still. Even the time Grant Morrison used you (which was an admittedly cool cameo), you were still basically filling the Martian Manhunter in distress position.

2. You’re name is J’emm. You know what that makes people think of right?

So look, I’m just saying… maybe your best option is to embrace problem #1. Maybe if you change your name to S’amm S’paad, Scourge of Saturn, then the next time someone decides J’onn needs to be written out of the DCU, you could get the call up. It could be you running around in Brightest Day hunting carnivorous alien relatives.

Just something to think about.

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