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Top 100 Summer Comics #44

After a long day of work (on a Saturday, yes) I was at a bit of a loss for what to write on.

Often the case, but I thought about the last time I picked up a book and it was refreshing. This book came to mind.

#44 – Fantastic Four 480 (or 60 depending on how you look at it)

Okay, this was definitely not the last time I picked up a book and it was refreshing. But at the time I was really into the X-Men run by Grant Morrison that had just ended and the Daredevil being put together by Bendis and Maleev – the Fantastic Four had been so stale for so long (read: the 90’s) I had given up.

And to be honest, I wasn’t completely sold by Mark Waid being the writer. It wasn’t that he wasn’t good, but nothing I had read by him resonated outside of a very brilliant, but short, run on Captain America. What grabbed me were the pencils, somewhat cartoonish but still stylized pleasantly for my palette. The now late Mike Wieringo was able to infuse some life into a comic book that desperately needed it, and the combination of ┬áthat with Waid’s solid writing created a great book. Good starting point for anyone who’s never read, or never enjoyed, the Fantastic Four.

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Top 100 Summer Comics #49

Two-fer today. I zoinked out yesterday. It’s okay.

You know what wasn’t okay? CAPTAIN AMERICA, from about issue 387 to 443. Total garbage. Honestly, killing Steve Rogers was a much more humane and decent treatment compared to the kind of grind he was put through here. It was awful. I think this is where my interest in the Canadian Football League came from – if Captain America was going to suck this much, I’d need to diversify my interest portfolio to some OCONUS activities. Keep my options open.

#49 – Captain America 444

And then a weird thing happened on the way to the Argonauts game (on television). Captain America got good again. REAL good. For a brief sparkle, Mark Waid and Ron Garney stepped to the plate and knocked it out. No surprise, these guys continue to be benchmarks of high quality almost across the board.

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