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Hard Work on Toy-Derived Kids’ Titles Pays Off

Anyone under 30 may not remember the line of toys that inspired this likewise forgettable comic tie-in. Insect men fight other insect men. Stupid, but probably not much more so that most comics at the time. The only reason I’m posting this auction and the only reason you should consider making the $1.50 investment is Mark Texeira. This crappy comic right here proves that being willing to grind is the most important component to a lasting career. Tex did BS like Sectaurs and Transformers and crawled his way up, eventually doing sizable runs on some of Marvel’s biggest titles. By the 2000s, he had so much juice that he could poop out virtually anything -regardless of how bad the design or anatomy was- and the company was along for the ride. That’s gangster.

Proof that they were letting Tex get away with murder. What’s up with Herc’s legs here?

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