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Wolverine #48-50 “The Shiva Scenario” Comic Set

I remember buying this three part series back in the early 90’s from Thunder Road Comics. This was my first venture into Wolverine. Up until that point I had been a Spiderman and Punisher fan. I think it was the awesome artwork by Marc Silvestri that attracted me to it. carmsadoll is selling this for a decent price. In today’s comic market it is really hard to sell anything. But if you like a good origin story told through flashbacks with ensemble of guest stars this is for you. Logan is back at it trying to discover who he is and where he came from.

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Earlier in the day I posted a skate deck on SkateNoize featuring The Darkness. The board came with an autographed comic by Marc Silvestri for the release of The Darkness video game.blackstarcomics is also selling autographed copies of comics. One in particular is Witchblade number 10 the first appearance of The Darkness. The comic is signed by the artist and writer Michael Turner, Marc Silvestri & David Wohl. This particular cover is a variant of the original and should make for good collecting. I’m not to sure of the price but blackstarcomics is selling bunch of other autographed comics, my personal favorite is The Amazing Spiderman number 129 the first appearance of the Punisher, definitely awesome. Check out the others listed you may find something you like.

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Dream Reaver, I Believe You Can Get Me Through The Night

So the Reavers are one of the greatest team of minions ever to grace the pages of a Marvel comic, right? No debate there. But what makes them so great exactly? The perfect amount of personality. They are distinct, but not really. They have personalities, but not overwhelming ones. The closest they have to a “face” on the team is a dude who was shot in the head and never talked about again. Because getting shot in the head is what a real minion does! He plays third-string and may be cut during training camp, but he still reports to work. This post is devoted to the Reavers. They played their positions. Best worthless characters ever.

First appearance. Silvestri looking good. Cyborgs and mutants.

This is where a shared universe pays off: “Neat” character appearances that don’t change much for either party. What? That’s not character driven storytelling? Go read Harry Potter, nerd. This is the Punisher, a man whose aims and ambitions are set in stone, and the Reavers, a team whose purpose is to shoot things they are told to shoot. Don’t get heavy on me.

And what’s this? The obligatory piece of crap licensing that everyone would be better off forgetting happened? Yes. It is.

And my favorite single issue of any comic ever? Yes! I goddamn love this book and have no idea why. Maybe it’s Forge, who I have a weird crush on. I’m 1/14th American Indian so maybe I’m distantly vibing with this dude on some ancient ley lines sort of trip. Or maybe that last statement was semi-racist and really I just love Freedom Force who also appear in this book.

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Marc Silvestri Messin’ With My Head, Man

Every time Marc Silvestri comes up I think I hate him for some reason. I don’t know why that is. Did he do something to me? It’s really irrational. I always dismiss his work offhand without reminding myself that he draws Reavers better than any man who ever lived.

When I came across this auction, I thought, “look at that shitty grimace on that stock face he somehow saw fit to shit onto the page.” I hated him. Then I looked at it more closely, and yeah, Angel does suffer from Liefeld-face, but there is a ton more artistry here than I initially gave him credit for. Under a microscope this stuff is good. Most artists, it goes the other way. At a glance they rule and upon further inspection they truly suck. For me, Silvestri has the opposite effect. Marc plays games with me, man.

Another interesting thing about this auction: This page is on Image paper. I had no idea they had their own paper. But this was probably back when they were printing their own money so there may be an Image Comics submarine or Image Comics lighthouse out there for all I know.

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Dick Tracy For The Win.

Seller brianhowardart has a lot of really sweet looking original art from the likes of Neal Adams, Glenn Fabry, Marc Silvestri, and more…

So many pieces of good lookin’ original work up for sale. But my favorite piece isn’t from a comic book. It’s this original Dick Tracy strip from 1938:

So Karpse isn’t one of the better known Dick Tracy villains. Who cares? Gould based the guy on Boris Karloff, number one, and number two, this entire strip shows him setting up a death trap. That RULES.
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For the diehard Marc Silvestri fan…

I am a diehard Silvestri fan.

But not this diehard. Honestly, I would have to have a significant amount of the rest of the pages from this issue and attempting to collect the entire issue in original art.

Not that it’s a bad page, it’s not. But it’s missing some key elements.

1. Where’s Wolverine? Oh kind of down in the lower left.

2. Who the hell is Dr. Cornelius? Well, you and I might know, but someone walking into your house? Nah.

3. The least dynamic page layout ever.

4. No definitive “WOW” panel. Nothing stands out.

5. No real trademark style by the artist here.

While it’s still an original piece…. $675 is a bit much for me. Maybe not for you?

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My Favorite Uncanny X-Men (cover)

I’ve spoken highly of Marc Silvestri before, and I think it’s pretty clear that I am among the many who was / is a devotee to the church of Xavier.

At one point, like many others I’m sure, I would have told you Wolverine was my favorite comic book character. But the 90’s killed him.

He became a caricature of what he was supposed to be, he was softened by the successful Fox animated series, and overexposure just escalated. And this was 15 years ago – as is now he’s a member of both the X-Men and the Avengers and has no less than 2 books published with him as the headliner a month, ongoing or otherwise.

But when Uncanny X-Men #251 dropped, it was the ultimate seal of my approval for Wolverine. He was grizzled, defeated, crushed. But he wouldn’t roll over and die.

This cover exemplifies the issue, although when you see the use of purples and green tones, it might give you some otherworldly feel. The only otherworlding going on here were hallucinations on the part of Wolverine, which added to this issue feeling as low as it should have. The X-Men had disbanded, crossed through Siege Perilous (it’s a long story…) and basically chosen a chance at normal lives over the fight they had given their whole lives to. But not Wolverine. He was the last of the outback X-Men, crucified by Donald Pierce and the Reavers, basically the twisted and contorted broken branch of the Hellfire Club tree.

This was not a child friendly comic book. He’s crucified. On a pile of bones. And just as it seems like this it… a light in the darkness. Jubilee.

In hindsight… that’s pretty funny.

But it doesn’t change my utter devotion to this issue. Absolute classic.

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Original Art, a comparison.

We’ve posted some really top tier original art. But with that top tier comes top tier prices.

What’s out there for people on a budget? 

It’s not as grim as it may seem. You just need to scour a little bit. Dig. And decide what’s important to you – is it the artist? Is it the specific piece? Is it the characters involved? Depending on your answer, you can really narrow it down and find some bargains therein. And so, to that, an example or two. 

A lot to like about this piece. Cool panel layout, really clear shot of Doctor Octopus in full action, and then an iconic Spidey shot with Doc Ock in the corner. All in all, great page. Now why is it starting at $19.99 with no bids? A few reasons. The artist is Kevin West, who despite having worked on some definite name titles, doesn’t particularly strike wonder into the casual reader. To be honest, I am not familiar with the name though I have read books he’s worked on. Second, and more importantly, this is from WHAT IF? #42, so an out of continuity piece that doesn’t necessarily have any sort of “relevance” in the grand scheme of things. However, if you just dig Doc Ock and want a cool piece, this seems like a steal to me. 

I have to say that this is a GREAT piece. Iconic artist Joe Staton (though far from a household name) was a staple artist of the DCU of the late 70’s into the early 80’s. This page is from a 1981 issue of Green Lantern and is at a relatively affordable $199 buy it now… however I bet a solid “or best offer” would get this one. This isn’t a splash page and doesn’t have a ton of action, but damn if it isn’t cool and have a couple of good looks at ol’ Hal Jordan. 

And so here we drop into the big spender category. Big name artist, big name characters, high profile project, cover page. That’s like a red bull mixed with a five hour energy drink with a handful of ginseng tablets as a chaser. BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM. The Marc Silvestri cover for the X-Men Messiah Complex one shot. You get one of the biggest name artists in comic history drawing a cover for not only one of the biggest comic teams in history, but the one he became a legend on. So… when you ask yourself, “why is this $4000?!?”… well So do I. But those are some reasons that I will accept, and just acknowledge there’s a lot of people with much more disposable income than I.

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