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I think we all know by now that I am really into the… shall we say, espionage and political intrigue side of the DC Universe. Suicide Squad, Checkmate, Manhunter… those are my jams, so to speak. So it’s only natural that at one point, I picked up a run of Chase.

The basic gist of it is that Chase is a super hero despising agent for the DEO, which is basically the DCU’s superhero/villain watchdog group. She’s one of the proverbial watchers of the watchmen, with the twist being that Chase herself is the child of a murdered super hero and has her own super power. As such she does things like try to figure out Batman’s secret identity and accompany the Suicide Squad on a mission. Sounds awesome right?

Well honestly it’s actually a little more “meh”. The plotting is fine, and the concept is solid, but the layouts and artwork are really hard to deal with, as they mix up normal comic art with lots of printed word snippets that are meant to demonstrate things like computer transcripts, which often get so wordy that it honestly becomes boring. One of the reasons I couldn’t stand that Morrison written Batman issue that was 90% written word is because if I want to read a book, I’ll read a book, know what I’m saying? The Teen Titans issue and the ones featuring Chase’s apparently homeless (?) private eye friend fall flat, and the fact that the last issue ended up being one of those obnoxious 1,000,000 tie ins is hardly the type of closure you want to have, especially in one that was only just getting rolling.

That being said, Chase is still worth a read, especially because she pops back up later on down the line as a supporting character in the excellent 00’s version of Manhunter (where they tie up some of the loose ends regarding Chase and her family history). The Suicide Squad and Batman issues are the stand outs, as mentioned.

Worth a look, especially for cheap.

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