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Super Mario Kun Manga Comic Volume 20 Coru Coru. Rare. Japanese Exclusive

swagmixedwithflavor is selling a rare Japanese Manga of Super Mario. These books were known as Super Mario Kun. This is volume 20 the story of Yoshi. It was originally released in April of 1999. Most of these Manga’s were written to elaborate on the video game storylines and sell MARIO merch.

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Get This Before the Live-Action Remake Makes It Lame

I love this item listing. The auction title speaks to great optimism on the part of the seller.

Truly, a cool shirt though. And, who knows? Maybe the remake will be cool.

Nope. It won’t.

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Planning My Own Intervention

So living nowhere near a comic shop is bad. That’s a given. But there’s something far worse. Something that doesn’t just rob you of an entertainment option, but instead replaces it with a time-consuming compulsion that steals your dignity. I’m talking about living close to a manga store.

I’ve never been a manga man. My American comic interests have been pretty consuming and breaking into a world as dense as Japanese comics was too intimidating. But desperate times call for desperate actions, and as I’m miles from a comic shop and only blocks from a manga shop- I’ve decided to dabble.

But what started as a recreational thing has snowballed out of control and I find myself reading books like Prince of Tennis. For those of you who were as blind to manga as I was, POT is a solid representation of shonen books. Those are manga works aimed at an adolescent readership. As you might have guessed, it’s about tennis. And you may be surprised to learn, that shit is popular.

So popular there’s over 40 volumes of this stuff out there:

So popular that POT cosplay is a real thing. Think about this for a second. These people aren’t dressing up as Wolverine and escaping their office jobs for a day at a convention. They’re wearing tennis gear. They could have just joined the YMCA. Check it:

SO popular that this is real:

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Random Comic Book Friday. On Tuesday.

Since my computer mishaps prevented me from doing one last week or yesterday, let’s play a quick game of catch up…

Yeesh. On second thought, maybe we should have just skipped the week.

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Aren’t You Hungry?

In honor of yesterday’s site problems eating the posts I was preparing, I present to you:


Who’s Eat-man? He’s a guy who can eat anything, then reproduce it at will from any part of his body. So if he eats a gun, he can make a gun come out of his hand and shoot you with it. You can use your imagination from there I’m sure.

Manga, man. Fn’ weird.

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Quasar + Manga = Mixed results?

I’m working on a Quasar (who?) mega post. Chris inspired me with his killer New Warriors post so I’m going to aim high. 

Consider this an appetizer.

Wendell Vaughn was like a true life Clark Kent. Nerdy, bad hair and an even worse streak of luck. But for poor Wendell, even the quantum bands (read: fancy space bracelets) didn’t really make his life better. Or easier. Or even really cooler. So we’ll dig into that later this week, but until then, there’s this.

For the 1 quasar fan reading this, wtf? I didn’t know how to feel about this… but then I looked at it again and thought, if anything, he looks cooler than the real Wendell Vaughn ever did. And how about that Uatu (The Watcher)? Kinda works. At least considerably more than that weird as all get out FF. Anyone read this? Give me some feedback…

Bargain Alert!

From time to time, like most comic buyers, I like to check out something new.

This was a surprise find, and something I’m happy to pass on. 

About 5 years ago, I checked out this miniseries that was being promoted gently (as in, being pushed but in a very “we’re trying this out and seeing if anyone likes it…?!” way) by Marvel as a part of a new group of books. Don’t remember the others, but LIVEWIRES stuck out. 

It wasn’t ground breaking, but it was edgy, quick and smooth. There was some cohesion by the very manga influenced art and the overly sexualized and youthful dialogue. As one may say, it worked. Sadly, it lasted a mere six issues. To my knowledge, none of the characters have been picked up in any further Marvel titles, which is a shame because it fits nicely into the whole life model decoys / doombots / etc theme which I always dug. 

Came across this, the first issue with a very reasonable buy it now and was struck with the idea for the post.

And then I did a little more digging. Sadly, Marvel didn’t collect this into a graphic novel, but went for the smaller digest collection. Not my cup of tea – but I have this and it’s okay. The story makes it worth it. And… cheaper than the single issue listed above? And… dude, it’s under $3. Just buy one.

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