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Man. Aquaman.

There are few characters that really touch his mythos.

Probably because he smells like fish, and in general, kind of sucks. 

But it is not Orin’s fault that he was given the power to uh… talk to fish. You can blame a couple of guys named Paul Norris and Mort Weisinger for that. But they also established a character who become a canned ham of the comic book world. That lunkhead friend you don’t want to meet your new girlfriend, but you sure will invite him over to the housewarming party. Goofy, embarassing even – but ultimately endearing. 

On to some items. The above Aquaman is that one that most people recognize. Who would have thought that the green leggings teamed with scaly orange top would be the “winner” outfit? I definitely owned this next item, and that means that I probably lost him in a snow battle to find him half shredded by a lawnmower come spring time.

In the mid 70’s, Pepsi ran a promotional set of super hero glasses. Pretty sure I’ve seen these before, and here’s a nice price on an Aquaman / Batman set. Look at his logo – it’s ridiculous! When I see it, the Losing Horn from The Price is Right is the first thing that comes to mind. Poor Aquaman. He never had a chance.

That “chance” came in the mid 80’s. The time was right for change. He NEEDED a new look. And I didn’t think this was such a bad look. And this poster is actually pretty sweet. Great condition and cool to have something advertising a drastic change that failed in such an epic fashion. Please note how much it looks like the late 90’s Superman “makeover”.

Eventually, after this makeover failed, they tried to give ol’ green tights a beard, cut off his hand, and throw on some 90’s accessories (read: weapons) and revive him. It worked, for a minute. Like most of those things do. The status quo has been returned to, so now when you look on your refrigerator and see this killer magnet, you’ll be up to date. (I am also considerably interested in who the Justice Leaguer is on the temporary tattoo. Win it and let me know!) 

And finally… the perfect gift for someone who’s on the ledge. Nothing will push you off or pull you back from desperation like an Aquaman hooded sweatshirt. 

“Yeah. I like Aquaman. I relate to him, okay?” – satisfied ebay customer

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