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36 Mad Magazines LOT 1988-1991

Who loves Mad Magazine? I know my dad does. He’s got a statue of Alfred in the living room. buttahfingaz also loves Mad Magazine as well. He has a great lot for sale a few choice ones including a Star Wars comic.

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Happy Mother’s Day!

A very happy mother’s day from all of us here at the Noize Corp to all our mom’s, and all the other mom’s out there! And of course in honor of all those special mom’s, here’s a bunch of mother’s day special issues!

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I Love This Funny Mustached SOB

I’m going to get heavy with another set of Groo posts soon, but in the meantime I’d like to point out a sub-set of weirdo collectorism: Sergio Aragones doodles. Sure, they’re sketches, but really they’re doodles. The best doodles in the world. And apparently people recognize this because some of these go for a healthy bit of scratch.

I love this man. Seriously, if I hadn’t already gotten my boyhood wish of being adopted by Sergeant Slaughter at age 14, Sergio Aragones would be my choice of father. Because what some people don’t understand is built into the DNA of these doodles is real heart. A sentimentality that isn’t contrived. He’s responsible for one of the two comics that I’ve had to choke back tears from. Think about that. Dude draws misshapen cartoon faces and body proportions that would make a anatomist cringe. BUT HE KNOWS HUMAN ANATOMY WELL ENOUGH TO FIND MY GODDAMN HEART.

Some auctions. Overpriced? No.

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Random Comic Book Friday.

You didn’t think I forgot did you? Perish the thought… and you should probably perish the thought of affording either of these, since I had my search functions set on highest priced this week…

Click the image to see the astronomical price tag on this Todd McFarlane piece … Mind blowing.

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The MAD Book Of Almost Superheroes.

MAD magazine (when it was still good). Duck Edwing. Superheroes.


Commence laughter.

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What About Duck?

Remember that Don Martin 2 volume hardcover collection I posted about back at the beginning of April? You know, this one?

You’ll notice that it’s titled “MAD’s Greatest Artists”. Which indicates more volumes to come.

So what I want to know is… where are they? The Don Martin volume came out in 2007. That’s 3 years ago. You really mean to tell me I couldn’t have a Duck Edwing set by now?

Seriously, Duck was one of my absolute favorite MAD artist’s as a kid. Just a sick, sick sense of humor matched with a “Ed “Big Daddy” Roth does the Sunday morning comics page” style that I loved (and still do). It’s an absolute crime that he doesn’t have his own hardbound, slip cased collection yet.

Talk about your gallows humor…

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Any day you get a present is a good day.

Got this as a gift yesterday for watching my girlfriend’s parents cat while they were away.

2 hardcover volumes with cloth covers and a slip case… over 1000 pages… pretty much every Don Martin cartoon from MAD magazine ever… this is a huge win.

Super psyched.

I know it’s hard to believe these days, but MAD magazine used to rule. Seriously. Pretty much everything from the 50s up through the late 80s is solid gold. You know how South Park has been the perfect mix of gross out humor and satire, pretty much ever since season 5? That was MAD magazine back in the day. The late, great Don Martin was a big part of that.

And for those of you who don’t want to spring for the beautiful, 2 book set ($150 list price; you can easily find one for between $30 and $80 however) that I was so generously given, there are always plenty of original paperback collections floating around the ‘bay.

Why have entries been few and far between this week?

Because I’ve been busy imitating these guys:

Ok, maybe not that drastic, but I AM sick (no April fool), and have been since Sunday.

I’ll get back on track next week, honest injun.

So let me get this straight.

John Byrne drew this. Yes, that John Byrne, of Alpha Flight/Superman/She Hulk/X-men/crotchety message board posts fame. Working in the classic comedy cartoon style of Don Martin, of MAD Magazine fame.

I dig both those guys. And I dig this artwork, but I dig it for what it is, know what I mean? And I definitely don’t 6500 dollars dig it. For that price you could get a full blown custom commission directly from Byrne himself.

The Just Us League of Stupid Heroes.

Alfred E Neuman is timeless, but given that MAD magazine hasn’t been cool or relevant since the 1980’s, these action figures from 2001 and 2002 seem like kind of a weird and random item. But they’re still cool as all get out. My favorite is the Green Arrow. Not only does it look the best and have the most detail, but it has the coolest accessories. They ALL come with a spare set of hands though, so that each figure can do it’s own “What me worry?” pose. That’s kind of awesome.

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