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Power Records

I had a cassette tape dub of this lp back in the aforementioned year of 1989, when I was obsessed with all things Batman (and wearing neon shorts with Joker tee shirts. Because 10 and a half year old me thought they were the COOLEST~!).

(No, I don’t know why Batman’s costume has that weird holographic/kaleidoscopic look going on on the back cover.)

There’s usually a bunch of them up in various Ebay stores, so it’s easy to get, but I chose to do this seller a solid and highlight his auction here (despite the bad pic), because he made the tactical error of not mentioning that this is a POWER RECORDS release in his title.

POWER RECORDS (I use all caps because it’s an awesome name) was a division of the Peter Pan Records that put out children’s book and record sets in the 1970s. The cool thing about it was that when it came to superheroes, they handled EVERYTHING. Superman, Batman, Spider Man, The Hulk… even Star Trek and 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea got in there. It didn’t matter who published the comics, POWER RECORDS handled the audio (along with some pretty nice looking comics to read along with while listening; this particular LP was a collection of 4 of those previously released records, and so sadly did not come with a comic).

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