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File Under 90s Runoff

Sadly, I’m only doing one day of Comic Con this year. As I run around the days before trying desperately to coordinate my promo books arriving at the strangers house I shipped them to and figure out the timetable of the terrifying LA to Tijuana bus I’m taking to San Diego, I thought I’d post an auction to get you in the spirit. Shifting through all the worthless promotional items and poorly printed merch from Comic Con on Ebay, one turd shined brighter than the rest.

Everyone remembers Lotus, right? That really cool goat-woman with the tail made out of industrial insulated wiring? You remember. She was really hot for exactly one day in 1992, when Todd McFarlane created her at San Diego Comic Con International. Thankfully, a videographer was nearby to capture this important moment in comic history. I wonder if Todd designed the box cover or if he contracted the people who did the JEM cartoon. Relive the memories. Check out this auction.

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