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Random Comic Book Friday$…

Having my search functions set on highest priced worked so well last week, that I must admit I cheated just a tad and spent a good chunk of my day browsing high prices auctions with bids just so that when the time came to do the RCBF search, my settings would be ready to go. I’m shady, what can I say?

Look at those prices man. Every dude out there over the age of 40 is kicking himself for all the comics their parents threw out on them over the years, I guarantee you. And that second auction? It’s a LOT of 564 comics! There’s even a list! With pics!

Just more proof that I really need to win the lottery.

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X-Men Oddlot

The X-Men were on top for basically 20 years. You could maybe extend that an extra 5-10 years on either side, but it’s pretty obvious they bow at the Avengers throne these days.

Through that 20 years, there were many artists, a handful of writers (thanks to Chris Claremont and Scott Lobdell making extended (and quality) visits at the helm) and a whole lot of great. 

What’s for sale here is basically the salad bar of Uncanny X-Men issues. Some delicious stuff, some eh stuff, and it’s all from different parts of the bar. There’s a few empty bins, but you get to a good feel. Imagine walking into your local Dollar Store and there was a package of 64 random issues of Uncanny? 

Would Buy.

Now – What if I mentioned the lot included the first Jim Lee issue of Uncanny? How about the infamous Uncanny 275? And what about the first issue of Whilce Portacio’s run (a personal favorite)? And then some good ol’ John Romita Jr., both his first and second stints on Uncanny? And to top all that off… Joe Madureira’s first full issue too. Hot damn.

Must Buy.

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