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3-D Man? 4-D Man? No…

Actually not even close.

Those aren’t even the Marvel characters he gets most often confused with.

Somewhere between a man of little intellect, Daredevil and Wolverine’s wardrobe, and a human ox lies… D-MAN.

I don’t really want to spoil it for you, but D-Man SUCKS. He sucks. As in “couldn’t-make-the-Great-Lakes-Avengers” SUCKS. But… in the most lovable way. Cap kind of hates him, which is part of the appeal, in a twisted way. As in “cap-likes-everybody-but-this-idiot-kind-of-gets-under-his-skin-hehe” kind of way. Anyways, this was his first appearance as D-Man, but Dennis Dunphy actually first appeared in The Thing ongoing series.

I’ll say this. A Thing solo series is a dubious way to make your debut.

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