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Top 100 Summer Comics #26

This issue has a certain relevance, but let’s talk about the meat and bones first.

Longshot, who doesn’t like him? Well, I bet a lot of people, but most people my age are alright with him. He was the original vapid alterna-hero. He basically is the archetype for Gambit, Every Image character ever, and many spinoff Marvel characters who would make you think that head bands and long hair were HUGE in the ’90s. They weren’t. But this was the last great story featuring the Mojoverse, and had Longshot taking a slightly more heroic turn. Scott Lobdell wrote him straight, and it was a perfect story. Dazzler and Longshot struggling against the oppressive Mojo.. it was good. Real good. And then…

#26 – X-Men 11

… It was over. This was Jim Lee’s last issue of X-Men. Done. Some of the plot threads from this (pregnant Dazzler, the rebellion in the Mojoverse) were completely abandoned. Despite Lobdell’s long run on the x-books, for some reason this was never really touched on again.

That said, it’s ironic that Jim Lee’s creative influence was supposedly one of the reasons that led to Chris Claremont being ushered off of the X-Men books… and eight issues later, at the height of the X-Men’s popularity, Jim Lee leaves. And never comes back. So who knows what would have been if decisions made with regards to the formation of Image had come two, three, six months earlier? Would Claremont have left? Would Jim Lee had lasted even 11 issues? Would (self titled) X-Men even been created? And conversely, what if Lee had stayed on? Would Liefeld? There were many little promotional hints and posters put out there that had me (and many others) salivating at what storylines were to come… What could have been.

Nonetheless, this is a great read. And it exists. So find it.(And by find it, I mean, click the image and buy it.)

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I’m Trippin’ Balls Over Here, Maaan

My Ann Nocenti worship post yesterday led me to take a closer look at her career. Fun fact I wasn’t aware of- she created Mojo, Marvel’s most confusing character. I thought maybe I didn’t understand the character because I’ve only picked up portions of his story. He bounces around the “X” end of the Marvel universe and I don’t read every one of those books. Perhaps his story seemed fractured to me because of my failure to have the million dollars needed to keep up with X-Men for the past 25 years.


This dude is wild. There is no understanding this guy. I just spent an hour on his wikipedia entry and feel like I’ve just returned from a wormhole that bent time and space into color and song. Even if you grasp his incredibly weird introduction, the path that he took under various writers is like wandering through a psych ward on a full moon.

If you like a challenge, start at the beginning. Mojo’s first appearance is Longshot issue 3. One pill makes you bigger…

Another fun fact: Ann Nocenti was an editor at High Times for a year. It all comes together.

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Arthur Adams, Chapter 1: Deep Pockets

Great artists die hard.

I think like the great John Travolta, Arthur Adams had a lil’ bit of the Phoenix Force in his guts too. Because after being on the outskirts of mainstream comics for much of the 90’s, Arthur Adams has returned with the gusto he had in the 80’s, and then some.

I’d go as far as to say that his art has now reached the apex that it only hinted at back in his younger days – he has finally nailed down a high grade of consistency that is almost unmatched in not only it’s detail, but the nearly effortless energy it exudes. Like Michael Jordan and basketball, Arthur Adams was put on this planet to draw comic books.

To celebrate that, I decided to go with a dual post on Mr. Adams, and this will be for the higher end. So get out your checkbook (or paypal account) and get ready to bleed for these. But believe me – they’re worth every penny.

How can you go wrong with Colossus, Storm, and a giant magical dog? Trick question, you can’t.

A “new era” piece by Adams, this is from the recently published Ultimate X series. Getting a lot of attention from bidders already.

My favorite of the bunch, absolutely awesome recreation of the first appearance of Wolverine, from Incredible Hulk #181.

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How could I forget?

And now we’re standing face to face
Isn’t this world a crazy place
Just when I thought our chance had passed
You go and save the best for last

Everyone’s second favorite character from the Mojoverse…

(Spiral? No…)


Heroclix? Power boost!

Keeping it fresh for ’94…

And finally, from the nickel bin (no, really…)

Confession – I really did like Shatterstar in 1992. He was cool, not quite as cool as Gambit… but right there.

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